Utility library to read and write Ndef messages from/to a Type4 NFC tag

Dependents:   NFC M2M_2016_STM32 MyongjiElec_capstone1 IDW01M1_Cloud_IBM ... more

Fork of NDefLib by ST Expansion SW Team

NDEF NFC library

This library provides an abstract API to create NDEF formatted messages and records and to read/write them from/to a Type4 NFC Tag.


At the moment, the NDEF API is implemented by X_NUCLEO_NFC01A1 and X_NUCLEO_NFC02A1 Dynamic NFC Tag libraries respectively driving the X-NUCLEO-NFC01A1 and X-NUCLEO-NFC02A1 boards.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
21:72c86cbd49be 2017-08-21 giovannivisentini change on_message_write callback; the message parameter was unused and it pointed to an invalid object default tip
20:31f727872290 2017-07-12 Davidroid Updated to fit ARM mbed coding style.
19:13d84b136a62 2017-04-28 giovannivisentini Aligned to ARM mbed coding style.
18:cf1dd5c931c2 2016-10-27 giovannivisentini add the RecordWifiConf for store the wifi configuration into a ndef tag
17:46899fa3d9f2 2016-08-31 giovannivisentini add function for remove/delete Record from a Message
16:030e7ffdf512 2016-02-02 giovannivisentini update docs
15:01fc5a4b8366 2016-02-01 giovannivisentini rename setCallback and update docs
14:ba0c186ae6d6 2016-01-28 giovannivisentini add async api
13:dbf3a61d70b3 2016-01-14 giovannivisentini update documentation 4
12:ed4d9b8d1410 2016-01-14 giovannivisentini Update documentation 3
11:eaf42739791e 2016-01-11 giovannivisentini update comments 2
10:9f34b0cfefe4 2016-01-08 giovannivisentini update comment
9:689c1f56f359 2016-01-08 giovannivisentini update the comments
8:473f6e0b03df 2015-12-22 giovannivisentini rename the Tape4NfcTag Class
7:1ebd6049fa57 2015-12-10 giovannivisentini fix bug + add operator==
6:739e3211749d 2015-12-03 giovannivisentini Add License
5:f2b7efcc5b6e 2015-12-01 giovannivisentini add explicit to the constuctor
4:eaf6c49a86e4 2015-12-01 giovannivisentini add the possibility to change the record content + add doc
3:64bb6d5224dc 2015-11-27 giovannivisentini create the Type4NFCTag class
2:760e36ba9c23 2015-11-26 giovannivisentini implement the VCard record
1:a0eeb478a45a 2015-11-24 giovannivisentini implement tag reading
0:04b82ae7aa43 2015-11-19 giovannivisentini First Version, the tag is only write