Mems Motor Control application example with X_NUCLEO_IHM01A1 and X_NUCLEO_IKS01A2 expansion boards.

Dependencies:   X_NUCLEO_IHM01A1 X_NUCLEO_IKS01A2 mbed

Fork of MemsMotorControl by ST

MEMS-based Motor Control

This application provides an intuitive and natural way for controlling a stepper motor through an accelerometer. It makes use of the STMicroelectronics X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 MEMS Inertial and Environmental Sensors Expansion Board to get accelerometer values and the X-NUCLEO-IHM01A1 Stepper Motor Control Expansion Board to directly control a stepper motor with:

  • speed proportional to the angle measured by the MEMS board;
  • direction driven by the direction of rotation captured by the MEMS board.
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