Connect through Wifi to IBM MQTT cloud

Dependencies:   MQTT NetworkSocketAPI X_NUCLEO_IDW01M1v2 X_NUCLEO_IKS01A1 mbed NDefLib X_NUCLEO_NFC01A1

Fork of IDW01M1_Cloud_IBM by ST Expansion SW Team

To start the demo the following expansion boards are required


After having mounted the board stack on the Nucleo board the below steps should be followed:

  • Program in the application source code you local WiFi SSID and password and flash the binary. Make sure the Wifi network has visible SSID.
  • Reset the Nucleo board and after few seconds the Nucleo green led will be on (it means the Nucleo is connected to the local Wifi and to the IBM cloud server)
  • Read the NFC tag with an Android device and the browser will be automatically opened and directed to the specific brocker IBM demo page where the environmental values are displayed in form of a x-y graph. The values are updated every few seconds. On the Hyperterminal is possible to see the values sent to the IBM cloud server and the board mac address to be entered on the IBM quickstart web page if a manual connection is needed (eg. to connect from a PC browser).


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24:a59eb8bdc431 2016-11-24 mapellil Updated libraries default tip
23:43f9e34781f2 2016-10-26 mapellil Added NFC expansion board and brocker subscription support
22:d278e4bb5ded 2016-10-19 mapellil minor fix
21:78fac4c1b0fa 2016-10-19 mapellil fixed "publish" string syntax, changed type name to iotsample-mbed-Nucleo
20:517b559ce91d 2016-10-17 nikapov Updated libraries.
19:e84314f70fba 2016-10-10 nikapov Updated MQTT library dependency.
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15:a34b67eb32f9 2016-09-28 mapellil Connect through Wifi to IBM MQTT cloud
14:641560b57584 2016-09-28 mapellil Added Wifi support and read environmental sensors from IKS
13:0b31131bf711 2016-09-07 fabiombed Added MQTT for Cloud IBM by WiFi
12:e65ec15f0ad3 2016-06-07 mridup updating X_NUCLEO_IDW01M1 lib to teams/ST lib
11:70df7089e2da 2016-05-25 mridup updating x_nucleo_idw01m1 and networksocketAPI
10:c7b62ce013ad 2016-05-14 mridup Adding header to main.
9:c11eefbd9fd1 2016-05-14 mridup adding back NetworkSocketAPI lib
8:6df01cb43137 2016-05-13 mridup changes to app and removing libs.
7:480efa77d13b 2016-04-19 mridup mbed-dev linked
6:0d838d564181 2016-04-19 mridup removing init() from main
5:e913a401b174 2016-04-19 mridup main initializes SpwfInterface
4:1ed7f173eec5 2016-04-14 mridup main for socket conn to
3:dfb8c6c8c31b 2016-04-14 mridup change in main
2:ba0531d896f0 2016-04-13 mridup file-name changes. wifi-wakeup() delay. Socket.recv() returns bytes_read on time_out, even if bytes_read is 0.
1:041e9f05738c 2016-04-12 mridup Optimization changes and other misc.
0:cbf8bc43bc9e 2016-04-08 mridup changes for optimization in Keil compiler