Example application for the X-Nucleo-NFC01A1 Dynamic NFC Tag board.

Dependencies:   NDefLib X_NUCLEO_NFC01A1 mbed

Fork of HelloWorld_NFC01A1 by ST Expansion SW Team

X-NUCLEO-NFC01A1 Dynamic NFC Tag Expansion Board Firmware Package


This firmware package includes Components Device Drivers, Board Support Package and example applications for STMicroelectronics X-NUCLEO-NFC01A1 Dynamic NFC Tag Expansion Board based on M24SR.

Example Application

This is just a simple "hello world" style program for the X-NUCLEO-NFC01A1 Dynamic NFC Tag Expansion Board. The program writes a URI link to the M24SR dynamic tag using the synchronous programming model. The URI can then be retrieved from an NFC enabled smartphone/tablet.

A more complex example providing asynchronous access to the tag is also available.


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22:6381693f9d9a 2017-07-11 Davidroid Updating with the latest mbed library.
21:9b1028dde5d8 2017-05-18 giovannivisentini update Nucleo and mbed libs
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18:982e7640cfb6 2016-08-31 giovannivisentini add a read example
17:22e6c00f3a4c 2016-08-31 giovannivisentini add example for read the NFC message from the tag
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10:06f15612ce28 2016-01-22 giovannivisentini update x_nucleo_nfc01a1 lib
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