Sample project to connect to AT&T M2X from the STM32 Nucleo + MTS WiFi shield

Dependencies:   M2XStreamClient SocketModem jsonlite mbed

Fork of STM32_MTS_Wifi_Connect_M2X by AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon 2016


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
17:ab1ea5bc694b 2014-09-02 joe_tijerina Updated SocketModem lib to fix wifi shield close() issue default tip
16:921fec88838d 2014-08-19 joe_tijerina Removed line of code
15:6d67c5dc7f2a 2014-07-25 joe_tijerina .
14:df2fe4b77d83 2014-07-25 joe_tijerina Increased the Serial Rx buffer to avoid overruns and added location and data fetch functions.
13:d8957cc4c88e 2014-07-21 joe_tijerina Cleaned up, program for STM32F11 connects to Multitech Systems Wflyi hotspot, reads Grove Termp Sensor, and reports values up to AT&T M2X.
12:676ba8e7bea2 2014-07-18 joe_tijerina MTS_Wifi_Connect_M2X example
11:a9117a40bde7 2014-07-11 mfiore update test for STMicro Nucleo boards (tested with F401RE)
10:e341fb0710ab 2014-01-22 jengbrecht Updated SocketModem library version.
9:b8765986190f 2014-01-05 mfiore updated SocketModem library
8:fa93a2d07116 2014-01-04 mfiore put Wifi::Connect call in loop for robustness
7:25269711fb2c 2014-01-04 mfiore update SocketModem library
6:7c2bdcf9d302 2014-01-04 mfiore put wifi->ping() in a while loop for robustness; change default Wifi::SecurityMode to Wifi::WPA since we're giving out access to our router
5:19044863e45c 2014-01-04 jengbrecht Updated the documentation in main
4:6daf448c5b1c 2014-01-04 sam_grove Update wifi for event ssid
3:12723cf0a416 2014-01-03 sam_grove update to socket modem
2:5f1645f60a3b 2014-01-03 sam_grove edits...
1:b2a530079150 2014-01-03 sam_grove updates to socketmodem
0:23c1654d70e4 2014-01-02 sam_grove Initial commit