Rohm BD7411g Omnipolar Detection Hall IC hello world.

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Mon Sep 19 10:07:15 2016 +0000
Rohm BD7411g Omnipolar Detection Hall IC hello world initial version.

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Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 1 #include "mbed.h"
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 2
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 3 DigitalOut led1(LED1);
MikkoZ 12:18c2160813c6 4 //Edit input pin setup according to where hall sensor is connected
MikkoZ 12:18c2160813c6 5 //(USER_BUTTON0 for button on GR-PEACH)
MikkoZ 12:18c2160813c6 6 DigitalIn hall_sensor(USER_BUTTON0);
MikkoZ 12:18c2160813c6 7 Serial pc(USBTX, USBRX);
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 8
Jonathan Austin 1:846c97078558 9 // main() runs in its own thread in the OS
Jonathan Austin 1:846c97078558 10 // (note the calls to Thread::wait below for delays)
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 11 int main() {
MikkoZ 12:18c2160813c6 12 pc.printf("\n\r");
MikkoZ 12:18c2160813c6 13 pc.printf("BD7411G Hall sensor example application.\r\n");
MikkoZ 12:18c2160813c6 14 pc.printf("Led on board will change ON/OFF according to magnet detection. \n\r");
MikkoZ 12:18c2160813c6 15
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 16 while (true) {
MikkoZ 12:18c2160813c6 17 led1 = hall_sensor;
MikkoZ 12:18c2160813c6 18 Thread::wait(100);
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 19 }
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 20 }
Jonathan Austin 1:846c97078558 21