Class for making communication easier from code to i2c connected Rohm/Kionix sensors. Maybe could be used later also for abstracting Arduino/mbed os. Code ported from 'C'-library rohm-sensor-hal.

Dependents:   kionix-kx123-hello rohm-bh1790glc-hello simple-sensor-client rohm-SensorShield-example

Fork of rohm-sensor-hal by Rohm


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
15:726c671efcce 2019-02-27 MACRUM Fix debug print default tip
14:f33e0914ea36 2019-02-18 Ren Boting fix array size setting by a varaible, which caused a compilation error.
13:3d4508874121 2017-06-16 MikkoZ Changes to make bh1790 working.; ; Changed return values and added two separate write commands to choose from. Not tested on other drivers (kx123), so don't update yet if you are not planning to make fixes.
12:bc2446aabbfe 2016-10-06 MikkoZ Change_bits bugfix and highspeed functions.; ; - change_bit returnvalue inverted; - write return values added; - New functions for setting up highspeed 3.4MHz mode; ; Compiles, but not tested yet beyond basic read/write/change.
11:272713c9e118 2016-10-03 MikkoZ Bugfix of bugfix; ; Fixed unspecified name error. Compiles again.
10:7ac47540f580 2016-10-03 MikkoZ Bugfix to FIFO write; ; - sad writing was 0 bytes with stop condition changed to 1 byte without stop
9:51c7b97b6a7d 2016-10-03 MikkoZ Doxygen documentation updated.
8:dea50f607a45 2016-09-29 MikkoZ Initial version of C++ RegisterWriter. Code ported from 'C'-library rohm-sensor-hal.
7:f83fa2f3cfab 2016-04-12 MikkoZ Extra uint8_t definition removed; ; uint8_t definition in rohm_hal.h removed; .hgignore autoupdated by mbed classic ui;
6:98280a97a486 2016-04-12 Mikko Koivunen Merge
5:3c53f454f73c 2016-04-12 Mikko Koivunen Ignoring Git repository files .git/*
4:0a62b7d4bd2a 2016-04-12 Mikko Koivunen Ignoring Git repository files .git/*
3:309530db41ec 2016-04-12 Mikko Koivunen Updated files to work with GIT.
2:3bb8ae3a8dee 2016-04-12 MikkoZ Repository url removed from module.json
1:4d6dc19a2347 2016-04-12 MikkoZ Added support for mbed OS
0:38c206f19bb7 2016-04-11 MikkoZ Added initial version of i2C HAL