Robot code for searching an object and charging at it.

Dependencies:   HCSR04 Motor mbed


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38:decff231d886 2016-10-12 alex0612 added breaks to cases default tip
37:a08d2e37b7e6 2016-10-12 alex0612 Cleaned up functions names and added functions to turn and light LEDs
36:0a69dc7bfcf9 2015-06-09 lhartfield pin updates;
35:89e13f72cd84 2015-06-07 alex0612 minor changes
34:a85424ea60ac 2015-06-07 alex0612 merged
33:4d0fe8fbed68 2015-06-07 alex0612 minor stuff
32:775eec44ba4f 2015-06-07 lhartfield merge
31:70753d91565c 2015-06-07 lhartfield Modified comments
30:8a5570b2de68 2015-06-07 alex0612 Minor changes
29:977f47331d85 2015-06-07 abdsha01 Merged commits
28:71781431b010 2015-06-07 abdsha01 Fix for fwd and bck
27:96a0ff2f474c 2015-06-07 lhartfield Fix to move_detect to avoid missing the line
26:5ee2a32949e6 2015-06-07 abdsha01 Sensitivity for line sensor
25:7662e93a77eb 2015-06-07 lhartfield Renamed move_forwardspeed. Removed description of reverse_and_turn
24:513c88816ed8 2015-06-07 lhartfield Renamed reverseandturn reverse_and_turn
23:07b3c12800a6 2015-06-07 lhartfield merged
22:e808fb71847d 2015-06-07 lhartfield Changed function name from moverandom to move_random for consistency. Parameterized move_random().
21:42c0db071a7f 2015-06-07 abdsha01 Added default values for speed and range for functions
20:37a89edd1cde 2015-06-07 abdsha01 Cleaned the code by adding global variables and removing unnecessary code.
19:67ea4e8be9e1 2015-05-30 alex0612 Added led blinking
18:7bd638e3926d 2015-05-30 alex0612 minor fix
17:47aa9ef2bec6 2015-05-30 alex0612 Fixed move_detect
16:02e533e3a91c 2015-05-30 alex0612 Cleaned main
15:a821a0c599b3 2015-05-30 alex0612 merged
14:e639a42edf2e 2015-05-30 alex0612 don't remember
13:10e7fd80906c 2015-05-30 abdsha01 Merged previous two revisions
12:703f75ae2453 2015-05-30 abdsha01 Can't remember what I did
11:b45798cc3c10 2015-05-23 alex0612 random function fixed and added move_detect function
10:cec68ef272cd 2015-05-23 abdsha01 Updated stuff
9:7770a84228c0 2015-05-23 abdsha01 Improved main loop
8:43a650f9d4af 2015-05-23 alex0612 moverandom function added
7:d94d23c55015 2015-05-23 alex0612 moverandom function added
6:af897173cb75 2015-05-23 abdsha01 Added more code
5:68a2b79cf204 2015-05-23 abdsha01 Added more comments
4:0507835a3dce 2015-05-23 abdsha01 Improved code
3:7f7a82bf59b9 2015-05-23 abdsha01 Updated comments
2:6f15a798993d 2015-05-23 abdsha01 Bare skeleton for first revision
1:bd88d4062c97 2015-05-23 abdsha01 Updated functions
0:15664f71b21f 2015-05-23 abdsha01 Draft version