Video library for GR-PEACH

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vdc5_color_matrix_t Struct Reference

vdc5_color_matrix_t Struct Reference

#include <r_vdc5.h>

Data Fields

vdc5_colormtx_module_t module
vdc5_colormtx_mode_t mtx_mode
uint16_t offset [VDC5_COLORMTX_OFFST_NUM]
uint16_t gain [VDC5_COLORMTX_GAIN_NUM]

Detailed Description

Color matrix setup parameter

Definition at line 688 of file r_vdc5.h.

Field Documentation

uint16_t gain[VDC5_COLORMTX_GAIN_NUM]

GG, GB, GR, BG, BB, BR, RG, RB, and RR signal gain adjustment

Definition at line 692 of file r_vdc5.h.

Color matrix module

Definition at line 689 of file r_vdc5.h.

Operating mode

Definition at line 690 of file r_vdc5.h.

uint16_t offset[VDC5_COLORMTX_OFFST_NUM]

Offset (DC) adjustment of Y/G, B, and R signal

Definition at line 691 of file r_vdc5.h.