Sample to operate omron HVC-P2 on GR-PEACH.

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What is this ?

This is a sample that runs OMRON HVC-P2 with GR-PEACH. In this sample, you can try following among the functions of HVC-P2 : Human Body Detection, Face Detection, Age Estimation, Gender Estimation, Expression Estimation and Face Recognition.
Both GR-PEACH and HVC-P2 use Renesas RZ/A1H included ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor.


HVC-P2 (Human Vision Components B5T-007001) is a human-sensing component that recognizes people. It is an integrated module that is built into other device and provides both the OKAO Vision's ten types of image sensing and a camera module.
For details, please refer to the following link.

In the HVCApi folder of this sample, the code of the following link destination Sample Code "SampleCode_rev.2.0.2" is used. (You can download from "Product Information" -> "Sample Code" in the middle of the following page.)


  1. HVC-P2 x 1
  2. USBA-microUSB conversion cable x 2
  3. USBA-microUSB conversion adapter x 1
  4. GR-PEACH x 1
  5. 4.3inc LCD shield x 1



Please close JP3 of GR-PEACH.

How to use

It starts when connecting the power supply USB cable. At startup, all functions are turned off. By pressing the button on the right of the screen you can switch the function on / off.

  • Function ON : orange or green
  • Function OFF : blue or gray

Only the FACE button changes to "FACE (blue) -> FACE (orange) -> RECOGNITION (green)". When FACE (blue), following buttons are gray and can not be operated : AGE, GENDER and EXPRESSION.
"Response time" at the bottom left of the screen indicates "image processing + USB transfer time". It is not pure image processing time.

Register Data (Face Recognition)

Set the FACE button to RECOGNITION (green), and touch the screen with one person on the screen to register the face. In this sample, face registration will record up to 10 people. Delete the old registrant when registering after 11 people. Registration information is stored in the RAM on the HVC-P2 side. It is discarded by power off and reset.


Change parameters

When you press Config icon at the bottom right of the screen, the parameter setting screen is displayed. You can change threshold value, detection size and face angle parameters.


Change transfer image size

By pressing USER_BUTTON0 on the back of the board, the image transfer size switches in the order of "160 x 120 -> 320 x 240 -> no image".

Fri Sep 28 05:16:44 2018 +0000
Supports mbed-os-5.10

Who changed what in which revision?

UserRevisionLine numberNew contents of line
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 1 #include "mbed.h"
dkato 8:92c19be0aced 2 #include "EasyAttach_CameraAndLCD.h"
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 3 #include "recognition_proc.h"
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 4 #include "touch_proc.h"
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 5
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 6 static DisplayBase Display;
dkato 5:49a61433290a 7 static Thread recognitionTask(osPriorityNormal, 1024 * 8);
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 8 static Thread touchTask;
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 9
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 10 /****** LCD ******/
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 11 static void IntCallbackFunc_LoVsync(DisplayBase::int_type_t int_type) {
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 12 /* Interrupt callback function for Vsync interruption */
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 13 touch_lcd_int(int_type);
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 14 }
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 15
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 16 /****** main ******/
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 17 int main(void) {
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 18 /* Initialization of LCD */
dkato 8:92c19be0aced 19 EasyAttach_Init(Display);
dkato 8:92c19be0aced 20
dkato 8:92c19be0aced 21 /* Interrupt callback function setting (Vsync signal output from scaler 0) */
dkato 8:92c19be0aced 22 Display.Graphics_Irq_Handler_Set(DisplayBase::INT_TYPE_S0_LO_VSYNC, 0, IntCallbackFunc_LoVsync);
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 23
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 24 /* Start recognition processing */
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 25 recognitionTask.start(callback(recognition_task, &Display));
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 26
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 27 /* Start touch panel processing */
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 28 touchTask.start(callback(touch_task, &Display));
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 29
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 30 /* Backlight on */
dkato 8:92c19be0aced 31 ThisThread::sleep_for(200);
dkato 8:92c19be0aced 32 EasyAttach_LcdBacklight(true);
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 33
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 34 /* Wait for the threads to finish */
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 35 recognitionTask.join();
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 36 touchTask.join();
dkato 0:f5de229c9a00 37 }