This is a NetworkSocketAPI example for LWIPBP3595Interface_STA library. LWIPBP3595Interface_STA library only works with GR-PEACH. The base example is HelloLWIPInterface.

Dependencies:   LWIPBP3595Interface_STA LWIPInterface NetworkSocketAPI mbed-rtos mbed

Fork of HelloLWIPBP3595Interface by Rohm

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Thu Jun 29 10:08:08 2017 +0000
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Add wifi.connect parameter

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--- a/main.cpp	Wed Nov 30 08:21:08 2016 +0000
+++ b/main.cpp	Thu Jun 29 10:08:08 2017 +0000
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
     printf("NetworkSocketAPI Example\r\n");
-    wifi.connect("ssid", "password");
+    wifi.connect("ssid", "password", NSAPI_SECURITY_WPA2);
     const char *ip = wifi.get_ip_address();
     const char *mac = wifi.get_mac_address();
     printf("IP address is: %s\r\n", ip ? ip : "No IP");