Dependencies:   mbed ros_lib_kinetic nhk19mr2_can_info splitData SerialHalfDuplex_HM


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
33:945d634d4c9b 4 months ago shimizuta cannot over come default tip
32:dc684a0b8448 4 months ago shimizuta a
31:86eb746eaed4 4 months ago shimizuta move straight;
30:7d8b8011a88d 4 months ago shimizuta can move triangle orbit
29:32785b3c19f8 4 months ago yuto17320508 fprint non non
28:8e1cbeffe6c2 4 months ago shimizuta straight, turnl,r was ok. ROS program was written but not debug
27:79b4b932a6dd 4 months ago shimizuta debug was ok. ROS is not debuged
26:24ae5a4f5b1f 4 months ago A0413 a
25:5d0977d2d79d 4 months ago kageyuta hokou
24:dec983da455c 5 months ago A0413 change Walk.cpp StrideLineAccel;
23:97f34a7dc63c 5 months ago shimizuta please change StrideLineAccel
22:787a764271dd 5 months ago A0413 change Walk.cpp & Walk.h ; OneLeg Orbit :: RiseEllipse2; by Inoue
21:61971fc18b90 5 months ago shimizuta want to change of orbit ellipse2
20:70cc6083e9c7 5 months ago yuto17320508 servo degree change;
19:1adc7302cfd9 5 months ago shimizuta some change
18:0033ef1814ba 5 months ago yuto17320508 move
17:ca18c5980a34 5 months ago shimizuta moving two legs was confirmed
16:0069a56f11a3 5 months ago shimizuta can is ok
15:3fd1d5698d10 5 months ago shimizuta not debuged of can
14:d7cb429946f4 5 months ago shimizuta sorry, there're compile errors
13:e7ecdb20665a 5 months ago yuto17320508 coment
12:2ac37fe6c3bb 5 months ago shimizuta printf debug finish
11:e81425872740 5 months ago shimizuta ver2
10:7a340c52e270 5 months ago shimizuta printf debug finish
9:905f93247688 5 months ago shimizuta made program readable
8:21b932c4e6c5 5 months ago yuto17320508 devide calculate process
7:72c80a7c20d6 5 months ago yuto17320508 too heavy program
6:43708adf2e5d 5 months ago yuto17320508 maybe can walk;
5:556d5a5e9d24 5 months ago yuto17320508 make born
4:fffdb273836e 5 months ago yuto17320508 make namespace;
3:bcae0bb64b81 5 months ago yuto17320508 a bit fix
2:a92568bdeb5c 5 months ago shimizuta made class Leg
1:acaa3d7ede4c 5 months ago yuto17320508 a
0:f000d896d188 5 months ago yuto17320508 serbo