Test the Synth sound functions of Pokitto

Dependencies:   PokittoLib

SynthTest - Pokitto synth demo

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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
6:cd9679164a70 2018-05-01 Pokitto New PokittoLib version; default tip
5:09131ded851b 2018-04-14 Pokitto new lib
4:53f90707eb77 2018-04-14 Pokitto new lib
3:d6c3cc1144b7 2018-01-30 Pokitto Gbsound fixed
2:91c41852a646 2018-01-30 Pokitto Now with improved sound library
1:cb8048058c89 2018-01-05 Pokitto PokittoLib updated
0:e0bd5da25882 2018-01-01 group-Pokitto-Community-Team Initial commit