Maximum sound animation test for Pokitto. BE CAREFUL, it is loud. You can also test buttons.

Dependencies:   PokittoLib

Fork of HelloWorld by Pokitto Community Team

A sound / buttons testing program. Put feelgood.snd on SD card (11kHz 8- bit unsigned raw sample) to hear sound


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9:67877833c19e 2018-05-02 Pokitto New pokittolib; default tip
8:c7711d19a24e 2018-04-02 Pokitto new pokittolib
7:a13d25995512 2018-01-05 Pokitto PokittoLib updated
6:1420b6d51ab4 2017-10-22 Pokitto blv3;
5:0153fd2d4c9f 2017-10-21 Pokitto bl fix;
4:cdf1049d6070 2017-10-19 Pokitto bootloader fix
3:53db531e03aa 2017-10-18 Pokitto Sound working;
2:373e5a50331a 2017-10-11 Pokitto Debugs edited out
1:9e3293ab4ad9 2017-10-11 Pokitto Initial Commit
0:2d2a3994d55d 2017-10-09 Pokitto Initial push