NuMaker WiFi TCP Example


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
31:fa146660b113 10 months ago ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.15.6 to support NuMaker-M2354 Ver 1.1 (MP chip) default tip
30:46a585864956 12 months ago cyliang Print OS version of the default lib or user's switch
29:2c6f86e7cac3 12 months ago ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.15.5
28:9011c58aa9d9 17 months ago cyliang Support OS 6.0 alpha-3
27:9b7ba5c587da 17 months ago cyliang Remove deprecated APIs to fulfill OS 6.0
26:f5163fee2653 21 months ago cyliang Change the default protocol as HTTP1.1 instead of HTTP1.0
25:73518246e472 23 months ago ccli8 Add support targets NANO130/M453
24:38e186a10abe 23 months ago ccli8 Refactor network code
23:dc536ce49b37 23 months ago ccli8 Fix M2351 target naming with mbed-os 5.14
22:6d0bb671f937 23 months ago cyliang Support M263A, modify code and upgrade OS as 5.14
21:662058dda3b1 2019-05-14 cyliang Support HTTP1.1 protocol
20:41c819860b4d 2019-05-13 cyliang To Change http test server as
19:79f168fa9a8a 2018-10-16 ccli8 Refine configuration
18:4280a5d2dfb6 2018-10-16 ccli8 Update to mbed-os 5.10.1
17:9d31fd2023fd 2018-09-26 ccli8 Remove unnecessary include header file unity.h
16:f705110e6c04 2018-09-25 ccli8 Support NUMAKER_PFN_M2351/NUMAKER_IOT_M487 on-board ESP8266
15:32a6a29ffcb3 2018-09-07 ccli8 Support ARMC6 toolchain
14:52fb65cc79b8 2018-04-17 ccli8 Update to NuMaker-PFM-M487 V3.0 and Mbed OS 5.8.2
13:be6ec74c5987 2018-03-12 cyliang Upgrade lib revision to suppotr wifi API with encryption type
12:7accee7d9220 2018-01-10 ccli8 Remove TEST_ASSERT_TRUE
11:658411c71934 2018-01-10 ccli8 Fix error with HTTP server movement
10:0e97c1c4f474 2017-09-29 cyliang Update OS to 5.5.7
9:f5343eb1be21 2017-08-30 cyliang update lib version to 20170814
8:77f0745d9d9a 2017-08-30 cyliang update lib version to 20170829
7:6a9f3bc8146b 2017-07-11 ccli8 Update mbed-os to mbed-os-5.5.2
6:1c409b0f2068 2016-12-13 shliu1 Sync mbed-os library to mbed-os 5.2.3
5:485a9f06ba49 2016-11-11 update lib version
4:ad73edc34b35 2016-10-07 Change esp8266 driver source to git-hub
3:2a25faa477ac 2016-10-03 cyliang Fork esp8266 from ARMmbed github
2:36adde8ca1b9 2016-09-29 cyliang Add readme as user guide
1:300f77ef44dd 2016-09-29 cyliang Remove ESP8266 lib temporary to avoid "publish" escape bug
0:2198c8de64fe 2016-09-29 cyliang Http through ESP8226 wifi on NuMaker-PFM-NUC472