NuMaker Modbus-RS485

Dependencies:   nvt_rs485 Modbus

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# Getting started sample with modbus-RS485 on mbed OS

### Import NuMaker-mbed-modbus-sample from on-line IDE
1. Please choose Nuvoton NuMaker-PFM-XXX as your target platform.
2. Please press the left-up icon "New", then choose "NuMaker Modbus-RS485" from the template list.
3. Your NuMaker-mbed-modbus-sample program is existed.

#### Now compile
Please press compile icon.

#### Burn Code & Execute
1. Connect the board NuMaker-PFM-XXX with your PC by USB cable, then there will be one "mbed" disk.
2. Copy the built binary file into "mbed" disk on you PC.
3. Press device's reset button to execute, and you could get the below log by uart console.
   And LED1, LED2 and LED3 will flash.
We will set modbus slave ID-61(0x3d) for the device.