The IR Puck can mimic arbitrary infrared remote controls. Built on the Puck IOT platform.

Dependencies:   Puck IRSender mbed

The IR Puck is a puck that can mimic arbitrary infrared remote controls. This is useful for controlling things like TVs, radios, airconditioners, window blinds, and just about anything and everything that can be otherwise be controlled by a regular remote control.

A tutorial for the IR Puck is available on GitHub.

Tutorials and in-depth documentation for the Puck platform is available at the project's GitHub page


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
21:b65729957b9e 2015-03-09 aleksanb Update puck lib, add power warning; default tip
20:73500007b95a 2015-03-09 stiaje Update Puck library
19:727d9124e11f 2015-02-27 stiaje Update Puck and mbed libraries
18:e96a99547f54 2014-08-06 cristea Use IRSender lib
17:6375c75a88a5 2014-08-05 cristea Add license
16:0891823672f4 2014-08-01 sigveseb Reduce padding requirements, increase buffer size
15:cf6c517f31ad 2014-08-01 stiaje Merge pull request 'new bt interface'
14:b00d0c5ba8e3 2014-08-01 sigveseb Change IR bt interface
13:f016a0bc4a7d 2014-08-01 sigveseb Start changing IR bt interface
12:a7d9b4f303fd 2014-08-01 stiaje Changes to support newest revision of the Puck library
11:822dbdcee1bb 2014-07-24 sigveseb change library reference
10:35d78d589580 2014-07-24 cristea Update logging to new logging system
9:447b8e997426 2014-07-23 stiaje Revert annoying lib-url-fix
8:260888851644 2014-07-23 stiaje Disconnect ble before firing IR code
7:afb7a62cbff7 2014-07-23 stiaje Use official Puck library
6:da2de3a0a9d9 2014-07-23 sigveseb update to use newer puck lib
5:3642c0af497e 2014-07-23 sigveseb updated to use newer puck lib
4:24d9873936e6 2014-07-15 stiaje Wait for bluetooth disconnect before sending IR signal.
3:65d3ccfe6d45 2014-07-14 stiaje Update to Nordic-Pucks TxIR newest version
2:b1bffa31a634 2014-07-09 aleksanb Forked for PRQ reasons.
1:e92c3b50191d 2014-07-09 aleksanb Resolve timing issues with IR printing when receiving data over BLE.
0:c94311378ec1 2014-07-02 sigveseb .