Demo using a Nimbelink Skywire cellular modem paired with ST Nucleo. This demo reads several sensors and reports them to a Freeboard dashboard using from Buglabs

Dependencies:   LIS3DH LM75B LPS331 hts221 mbed

Fork of Skywire_Demo by NimbeLink

Getting Started Guide

  • Set the JP5 jumper to E5V on the Nucleo
  • Place the Skywire Shield onto the Nucleo as pictured
  • Place the Skywire modem onto the Shield as picture and attach the antenna U.FL coax cable as pictured
  • Plug the 12V wall supply into the Skywire Shield /media/uploads/kholland/st00000002-sm.jpg
  • The new dashboard will show up on you account list under My Freeboards, you can then edit the name to whatever you like /media/uploads/kholland/default_skywire2.jpg
  • Under the Datasources tab on the dashboard, click the skywire link /media/uploads/kholland/default_skywire5.jpg
  • Change the THING NAME field to a unique string, we recommended using the MEID or IMEI on the Skywire Modem, but it could be anything you want. /media/uploads/kholland/default_skywire4.jpg
  • Next, Import the Skywire_Demo program into the online compiler
  • Open main.cpp. Starting at Line 58, there is a list of Skywire Modems. Uncomment the Skywire Modem that you are using. Make sure only one Skywire Modem is uncommented:


 * Uncomment only the modem that you are using.
 * Make sure only one modem is uncommented!
//#define NL_SW_1xRTT_V         // Verizon 2G Modem - CE910-DUAL
//#define NL_SW_1xRTT_S         // Sprint 2G Modem - CE910-DUAL
//#define NL_SW_1xRTT_A         // Aeris 2G Modem - CE910-DUAL
//#define NL_SW_GPRS            // AT&T/T-Mobile 2G Modem
//#define NL_SW_EVDO_V          // Verizon 3G Modem
//#define NL_SW_EVDO_A          // Aeris 3G Modem
//#define NL_SW_HSPAP           // AT&T/T-Mobile 3G Modem
//#define NL_SW_HSPAPG          // AT&T/T-Mobile 3G Modem w/ GPS
//#define NL_SW_HSPAPE          // GSM 3G Modem, EU
//#define NL_SW_LTE_TSVG        // Verizon 4G LTE Modem
//#define NL_SW_LTE_TNAG        // AT&T/T-Mobile 4G LTE Modem
//#define NL_SW_LTE_TEUG        // GSM 4G LTE Modem, EU
//#define NL_SW_LTE_GELS3       // VZW LTE Cat 1 Modem
  • Next, to Line 73 in main.cpp, and change the DeviceID to the THING NAME you entered into your Freeboard:


#define DeviceID "DweetIODeviceName"  //Freeboard DweetIO unique ID
  • If applicable, go to Line 77 in main.cpp and change the APN to your specific APN:


#if defined NL_SW_HSPAP || defined NL_SW_HSPAPG || defined NL_SW_HSPAPE || defined NL_SW_LTE_TSVG || defined NL_SW_LTE_TNAG || defined NL_SW_LTE_TEUG || defined NL_SW_LTE_GELS3
    std::string APN = "yourAPNhere";
  • Compile and upload to the Nucleo, cycle power to the shield and the sensor data should start to upload to your new Freeboard.

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