The MCR20A Wireless UART application functions as an wireless UART bridge between two (one-to-one) or several (one to many) boards. The application can be used with both a TERM, or with software that is capable of opening a serial port and writing to or reading from it. The characters sent or received are not necessarily ASCII printable characters.

Dependencies:   fsl_phy_mcr20a fsl_smac mbed-rtos mbed

Fork of mcr20_wireless_uart by Freescale

By default, the application uses broadcast addresses for OTA communication. This way, the application can be directly downloaded and run without any user intervention. The following use case assumes no changes have been done to the project.

  • Two (or more) MCR20A platforms (plugged into the FRDM-K64F Freescale Freedom Development platform) have to be connected to the PC using the mini/micro-USB cables.
  • The code must be downloaded on the platforms via CMSIS-DAP (or other means).
  • After that, two or more TERM applications must be opened, and the serial ports must be configured with the same baud rate as the one in the project (default baud rate is 115200). Other necessary serial configurations are 8 bit, no parity, and 1 stop bit.
  • To start the setup, each platform must be reset, and one of the (user) push buttons found on the MCR20A platform must be pressed. The user can press any of the non-reset buttons on the FRDM-K64F Freescale Freedom Development platform as well. *This initiates the state machine of the application so user can start.


SMAC Demo Applications User Guide


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
28:2555c5ae3ccd 2015-08-18 andreikovacs Added fsl_phy_mcr20a and fsl_smac libraries default tip
27:1eb29717bfd9 2015-06-29 andreikovacs Changed app to behave like the initial Wireless UART demo
26:56ca40dcfae1 2015-06-23 andreikovacs Added Freescale Connectivity Framework memory allocator
25:f40bc034cd8b 2015-04-28 sam_grove Add mem pool management. Dont use malloc with ARM std lib in IRQ context.
24:088286081619 2015-04-25 FSL\B36402 minor updates, IAR working
23:6f13fea3cace 2015-04-25 FSL\B36402 First version working with IAR
22:7703e6571f21 2015-04-24 cotigac Updated __disable_irq, __enable_irq issue
21:8a238b2c42d0 2015-04-24 FSL\B36402 Fixed __disable_irq and __enable_irq issue in IAR
20:933513bba8a1 2015-04-04 cotigac minor typo fix
19:71b793021c78 2015-04-04 cotigac Added SMAC code
18:b02fc0e53df8 2015-04-03 cotigac Started creating wireless uart demo based on mbed-rtos
17:52cfd7db8da3 2015-03-18 cotigac fixed compiling issues
16:549f2f246ece 2015-03-15 cotigac Minor updates to compile also online
15:990a8b5664e1 2015-03-15 FSL\B36402 Integrated PHY version from the official K64F+MCR20A package
14:a1b249761bcc 2015-03-08 cotigac Reverted to ATMEL version temporary
13:4fa8e504061f 2015-03-08 cotigac Temporary reverted back to Atmel RF Drivers
12:4446d8228309 2015-03-05 FSL\B36402 updates mcr20 drv
11:e15d0d27f7a5 2015-03-05 sam_grove sync changes from offline and online
10:756e09ed359c 2015-03-05 cotigac Updated MCR20 drv
9:904334e768eb 2015-03-05 cotigac Updated MCR20 drv
8:e4c9f2b7a9d2 2015-03-05 sam_grove rename directories;
7:d70f8086a89b 2015-03-05 sam_grove merging and delete dir;
6:01d070bc1c26 2015-03-05 sam_grove rename atmel files but leave directory
5:69f1634cd40b 2015-03-05 FSL\B36402 Adding new files for MCR20
4:d47832caea44 2015-03-05 sam_grove updates
3:a38ad504a18c 2015-03-05 sam_grove Delete multi use functions and update mbed library - exporters for IAR now working again
2:3e7685cfb2a7 2015-03-05 sam_grove Updating to techcon demo program
1:6055c6873f85 2015-03-03 crivera testing ability to commit
0:01fb291427ce 2015-03-03 sam_grove Initial commit