frdm serial example for the Freescale freedom platform

Dependencies:   mbed

Fork of frdm_serial by Freescale

This example uses the serial peripheral to send a static "Hello World" string and a variable string.

Wed Jul 16 09:59:53 2014 +0000
update formatting, comments and mbed library

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emilmont 0:f59179afee57 1 #include "mbed.h"
emilmont 0:f59179afee57 2
emilmont 0:f59179afee57 3 DigitalOut myled(LED_GREEN);
Kojto 4:d6816f97e349 4 Serial pc(USBTX, USBRX);
emilmont 0:f59179afee57 5
sam_grove 7:986d5298b118 6 int main()
sam_grove 7:986d5298b118 7 {
Kojto 4:d6816f97e349 8 int i = 0;
sam_grove 7:986d5298b118 9 pc.printf("Hello World!\n");
sam_grove 7:986d5298b118 10
emilmont 1:32eacc4f6beb 11 while (true) {
sam_grove 7:986d5298b118 12 wait(0.5f); // wait a small period of time
sam_grove 7:986d5298b118 13 pc.printf("%d \n", i); // print the value of variable i
sam_grove 7:986d5298b118 14 i++; // increment the variable
sam_grove 7:986d5298b118 15 myled = !myled; // toggle a led
emilmont 0:f59179afee57 16 }
emilmont 0:f59179afee57 17 }