most functionality to splashdwon, find neutral and start mission. short timeouts still in code for testing, will adjust to go directly to sit_idle after splashdown

Dependencies:   mbed MODSERIAL FATFileSystem


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
92:52a91656458a 22 months ago joel_ssc version for first flight test, timeouts not yet set correctly default tip
91:916ee0fea9ff 22 months ago joel_ssc edited new_changelog.txt
90:68c6245b2088 22 months ago joel_ssc depth.txt changed for meters rather than ft
89:0b8291dbf340 22 months ago joel_ssc updated new_changelog.txt
88:1813f583cee9 22 months ago joel_ssc all functionality to splashdown, find neutral, and start mission.; short timeouts for testing still in code.
87:6d95f853dab3 22 months ago joel_ssc caught up all but main.cpp to 18apr version
86:ba3a118b0080 22 months ago joel_ssc works and gives led signals of life
85:dd8176285b6e 2019-02-25 joel_ssc tests imu.roll
84:eccd8e837134 2019-02-19 joel_ssc updated file management of logfiles and diagfile numbers
83:53f9b1be4eb9 2019-02-15 joel_ssc modifications to run one time via legtfile.txt settings
82:0981b9ada820 2019-02-15 joel_ssc intermediate stage of file leg system
81:7ff2c6467892 2018-11-08 tnhnrl Minor fixes 11/8/18
80:4e5d306d695b 2018-10-24 tnhnrl Tilde brings up menu to print log size, and asks whether or not you want to erase the MBED local log.; ; Tested code with SD logger, working on PCB 2.4, commented out.
79:3688c3a0d7f4 2018-10-23 tnhnrl SD card logger working
78:17abcd1f08bf 2018-08-17 tnhnrl Latest software. Tested by NRL Stennis and fully functional.
77:60034ab20cf9 2018-08-17 tnhnrl 1) PID and parameter fixes (bce was hardcoded with zero counts 100 on save), fixed this issue. Added zero count to PID menu.; ; 2) Fixed formatting on LOG000.csv log file, receiving the packets is working correctly now (format errors fixed)
76:c802e1da4179 2018-08-16 tnhnrl Stable version of code with PID zero offset save fixed!
75:92e79d23d29a 2018-08-16 tnhnrl Carderock morning fixes
74:d281aaef9766 2018-08-14 tnhnrl 1) Fixed deadband on float broadcast ; 2) Fixed find neutral commands
73:f6f378311c8d 2018-07-30 tnhnrl work in progress 7/30 12:48 pm
72:250b2665755c 2018-07-02 tnhnrl keyboard fix
71:939d179478c4 2018-06-29 tnhnrl recheck
70:0e5180befedd 2018-06-29 tnhnrl packet_number_messed_up
69:919ac8d7e023 2018-06-29 tnhnrl transmitting data seems to work fine, 10 hz (0.1 sec transmit)
68:8f549749b8ce 2018-06-27 tnhnrl file transmission partially repaired
67:c86a4b464682 2018-06-25 tnhnrl fix timing
66:0f20870117b7 2018-06-19 tnhnrl XBee testing file transmission good.
65:2ac186553959 2018-06-19 tnhnrl Version with limit switches in output
64:a8939bc127ab 2018-06-18 tnhnrl Last iteration for 6/18
63:6cb0405fc6e6 2018-06-18 tnhnrl Version with code updates on multi-dive (still testing) and PID inputs and fixed data transmissions so it's working very quickly now on USB.
62:d502889e74f1 2018-06-18 tnhnrl in process of making an exit command on timeout from data transmission
61:f7437daae608 2018-06-18 tnhnrl chip only tests are good so far (checked through H bridge)
60:fb066857289d 2018-06-15 tnhnrl heading.txt added
59:4c04d5c7aed1 2018-06-15 tnhnrl Menu only;
58:94b7fd55185e 2018-06-15 tnhnrl For checking the menu only.
57:ec69651c8c21 2018-06-14 tnhnrl Working version with debug and simple menu
56:48a8a5a65b82 2018-06-12 tnhnrl good stuff, rudder and everything.; ; Need to fix heading next.
55:f4ec445c42fe 2018-06-12 tnhnrl Working v2
54:d4990fb68404 2018-06-08 tnhnrl heading not working
53:c0586fe62b01 2018-06-07 tnhnrl motors working in correct directions
52:f207567d3ea4 2018-06-06 tnhnrl version with non-working motors
51:c5c40272ecc3 2018-06-04 mkelly10 FSG_PCB_V1
50:1d59ea7c7a1c 2018-02-15 tnhnrl 02/15/2018 LASR pool-tested code. FSM dive, check_tuning, Find_Neutral, all seemed to work successfully. Rudder disabled for now.
49:47ffa4feb6db 2018-02-15 tnhnrl Working pool-tested code. Rudder disabled (some weird coupling issue).
48:20e681885161 2018-02-15 tnhnrl double-checking some data
47:fb3c7929d3f3 2018-02-15 tnhnrl everything except sd card loader...what's up
46:030be9f5c793 2018-02-15 tnhnrl reduced array sizes to reduce class sizes
45:16b8162188ca 2018-02-15 tnhnrl version for USB testing with reduced class sizes
44:01173b2cb466 2018-02-14 tnhnrl changed staticdefs files and added SDFileSystem class
43:891baf306e0a 2018-02-14 tnhnrl added new configfileIO
42:d6217332ce19 2018-02-14 tnhnrl imu pin changes
41:ed5b95ab97e3 2018-02-14 tnhnrl Servo Class Added (just the class)
40:ccdd34615533 2017-12-21 tnhnrl Changed pc reference back to pin 9 and pin 10 (Xbee Radio)
39:58375ca6b6ff 2017-12-21 tnhnrl Pool-tested code with Mbed logging and OpenLog (SD card)
38:83d06c294807 2017-12-21 tnhnrl system time and BCE and Battery logger fixes
37:357e98a929cc 2017-12-21 tnhnrl RevA working without batt and BCE
36:966a86937e17 2017-12-20 tnhnrl Working version for pool testing
35:2f66ea4863d5 2017-12-20 tnhnrl Previous version before MBED save fixes
34:9b66c5188051 2017-12-20 tnhnrl Problem with log file on mbed
33:29a4268fbc74 2017-12-20 tnhnrl revb need to fix rtos timer