most functionality to splashdwon, find neutral and start mission. short timeouts still in code for testing, will adjust to go directly to sit_idle after splashdown

Dependencies:   mbed MODSERIAL FATFileSystem

Revisions of main.cpp

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30:2964617e7676 23 months ago Used Friday 12/01/17 code with find_neutral exit fix and sub-FSM fix (starting in NEUTRAL_SINKING) File  Diff  Annotate
28:16c83a2fdefa 23 months ago Pool tested code from Friday 12/1/17 File  Diff  Annotate
27:0a5b90cd65d6 23 months ago depthTolerance variable removed 11/29 File  Diff  Annotate
24:c7d9b5bf3829 23 months ago Xbee / Pool version of code with latest code morning of 11/29/17 File  Diff  Annotate
23:434f04ef1fad 23 months ago Changes from 11/28/17 10:30 am pool test File  Diff  Annotate
22:a10ee088403b 24 months ago Added ability for battery to move to find the pitch level. Added a sub state (uses fall-thru) to find level before sinking. File  Diff  Annotate
21:38c8544db6f4 24 months ago A few large changes and a few small changes. Works on the bench. File  Diff  Annotate
20:8987a9ae2bc7 24 months ago Re-Publish of Dan's mods File  Diff  Annotate
17:7c16b5671d0e 24 months ago FSG code commit 11/21 File  Diff  Annotate
16:3363b9f14913 2017-11-06 Update to FSG test program used in the LASR pool File  Diff  Annotate
15:2a8cfd3f1cf5 2017-10-31 POOL TESTED! Tuned PID gains, put in depth/pitch files. Added keyboard tuning of neutral positions since FIND_NEUTRAL won't work right. Only suggested FSM change is for DIVE to timeout to RISE, rather than EMERGENCY_CLIMB. File  Diff  Annotate
14:85b64a4d08e8 2017-10-31 New depth sensor class with tare and oversampling. File  Diff  Annotate
13:84fcbe1dcd62 2017-10-30 Tested hardware for bce and made several pause fixes. Homing works. Added offset to pitch and depth.txt files, and the control loop works. PID gain for depth had to be negative. Next is to replace the motor and test pitch loop. File  Diff  Annotate
12:a0519d11d2b6 2017-10-30 Changed stops and starts to pause and unpause. Added _init true flag to stop function File  Diff  Annotate
11:3b241ecb75ed 2017-10-27 This version has been in the pool, working with all the hardware. Had occasional string pot problems and got stuck in RISE, letting the battery stall out against the endcap. File  Diff  Annotate
10:085ab7328054 2017-10-23 checked out on the hardware File  Diff  Annotate
5:15bd96205bb2 2017-10-20 Linear actuator tested 10/19/17 File  Diff  Annotate
4:66f13fbb035d 2017-10-10 First full working build of the "black box" hardware driver paradigm. Successfully tested the homing function of the linear actuator on the BCE. Also tested the config reading and control loop of the BCE. File  Diff  Annotate
3:7824127c5cfd 2017-10-06 Finally got the ConfigFile functions to work as they should File  Diff  Annotate
2:892b58e56712 2017-10-06 cleaned up and re-factored code to make some classes more general and extendable File  Diff  Annotate
1:133216180125 2017-04-27 Fixed errors stopping file from compiling File  Diff  Annotate
0:ea293bbf9717 2017-04-27 Program to run NRL BCE File  Diff  Annotate