most functionality to splashdwon, find neutral and start mission. short timeouts still in code for testing, will adjust to go directly to sit_idle after splashdown

Dependencies:   mbed MODSERIAL FATFileSystem


23 months ago

File content as of revision 21:38c8544db6f4:

    Starting from Trent's Linear Actuator code from 2017-10-19, these modifications
    by Dan add an outer loop controller for depth and pitch to command the inner
    linear actuator loops.
    Modified 2017-10-20 revA by Dan
        - added outer loop controller, but it is hanging the mbed. (turns out it was the imu update)
    Modified 2017-10-22 revA by Dan
        - outer loop now works with a call to outerloop.update() in main loop(), not with an attached ticker
    Modified 2017-10-22 revB by Dan
        - enabled both depth and pitch outer loop controllers
        - added ability to keyboard reset
    Modified 2017-10-22 revC by Dan
        - major update to the IMU library processing to make a state machine that doesn't hang
        - added lat/lon/alt and GNSS fix information to the IMU library
        - brought out the pin names into the constructors of IMU, omega, SpiADC
    Modified 2017-10-22 revD by Dan
        - everything seems to be working, shy of re-checking on the hardware
        - Depth sensor call done inside the OuterLoop, but should somehow be set as a callback instead
        - IMU sensor call done inside the OuterLoop, but should somehow be set as a callback instead
    Modified 2017-10-23 revA by Dan/Matt
        - linear actuator hardware works great, limit switches, sensing, etc.
        - outer loops run, but move the BCE in the wrong direction.
        - new IMU code doesn't read from the sensor correctly, but doesn't hang up either.
        - depth sensor worked fine, just needs zero bias adjustment.
    Modified 2017-10-24 by Troy
        - added offset to outerloop
    Modified 2017-10-26 by Dan
        - brought over a state machine and new keyboard controls ... currently just dumped into main.
    Modified 2017-10-26 by Matt
        - new IMU code imported and working well with the hardware.
    Modified 2017-10-26 revB by Dan
        - This version has been in the pool.
        - Get occasional ADC bad string pot batt & piston. On initial sensor reads, see negative positions.
            But after running FLOAT_BROADCAST, string pot positions are normal. Not sure why.
        - Repeatedly got stuck in RISE with a +60s timeout.  Battery hit end bell and stalled out.
        - keyboard and state machine are in main, probably shouldn't be, but easier to debug.
        - Really happy with the logic and flow of the state machine. Timeouts work.
        - Need to add a means to drive the linear actuators manually ... toggle out stop() in SIT_IDLE.
        - Need to add keyboard commands to modify the zeroOffset positions.
    Modified 2017-10-30 by Dan, Trent, Matt, Troy
        - changed .stop() to .pause() and many .start() to .unpause() ... fixed the negative ADC and lets
            the PVF's keep running even though the motor isn't moving.
        - changed exit conditions to use filtered depth from the outer loop.  less noisy.
    Modified 2017-10-31 by Dan, Matt
        - added oversampling and a tare function to the depth sensor.
        - updated main and keyboard to include tare in setup() and a keyboard tare option.
        - looks like the piston isn't zeroing correctly, unclear why, should be unrelated to depth sensor.
    Modified 2017-10-31 (again) by Dan, Matt, and Troy
        - POOL TESTED!
        - Tuned the PID gains with magic.  Works to hold mostly level during BCE runs.  Dive is awesome.
        - Neutral won't do what we want ... without large depth P, it won't get to depth.
        - Dive with just P doesn't overshoot depth at 0.0 deg, but does with -20 deg.  Timeout should probably be RISE.
        - Files depth/pitch updated with tuned defaults.
    Modified 2017-11-06 by Troy
        - Added acronyms to print statements (when running this with XBee you don't know what mode the 
            hardware is in because of signal dropping out)
        - Fixed print error with setpoints by printing out the setpoint variable, not the outerloop getCommand
            (command is sent every time hardware dives, finds neutral, etc.)
        - Set the pitchCommand input to 0 on the "find neutral" command, it was sending a non-zero pitch command
        - Created a class for the StateMachine
    Modified 2017-11-14 by Troy
        - Changed tare to void function (functions does not return anything when called)
        - Added a "subclass" in the cases for the Neutral Finding Sequence (Sinking, Slowly Rise, Check Pitch (and save positions))
    Modified 2017-11-20 by Troy
        - Modified StateMachine class to separate keyboard inputs from FSM
        - Added Neutral Finding sub-statemachine
        - Verified both state machines are working with hardware on desktop
        - Added class to save neutral battery and buoyancy engine positions to neutral.cfg file
    Modified 2017-11-21 by Troy
        - Need to check remove ConfigFileIO and place saving functions into config_functions.cpp (rename ConfigFunctions.cpp)
        - Added multi-dive (and multi-rise) states to FSM (may incorporate single dive states into states)
        - Need to double-check behavior of sub-FSM but bench-top testing showed correct behavior for transition from sinking, to slowly rise, to check pitch
        - Need to add a check for the multi-dive sequence file (sequence.cfg) being loaded on the MBED
    Modified 2017-11-21 by Dan
        - removed blocker and set up a loop rate timer that runs the state machine and keyboard at 10 Hz.
        - work inside StateMachine and particularly in the findNeutralSubState.
    Modified 2017-11-22 by Troy
        - Placed config_functions into ConfigFileIO and added the ability to write the neutral positions to the depth & pitch files
        - Streamlined sub-FSM and Find_Neutral state
        - PID depth and pitch gains have been made into class variables so that they can be resaved to the depth/pitch files
        - Added the ability to save depth & pitch gains and neutral offsets (configfile writes entire file at once)
        - Minor formatting fixes
        - Fixed issue with keyboard function, the keyboard function was continuously active instead of checking pc readable in sit idle
        - Bench tested neutral finding sequence and multi-dive sequence, so far so good
        - Question: Why do we want the keyboard and FSM to run together, specifically allowing the FSM call the keyboard?
#include "mbed.h"
#include "StaticDefs.hpp"
// loop rate timer for slowing down how fast while(1) runs in main()
Ticker loop_rate_ticker;
volatile bool loop = false;
void loop_trigger() { loop = true; }; // loop trigger
void setup() {
    pc().printf("\n\n\rFSG 2017-11-22\n\n\r");
    // start up the system timer
    // set up and start the adc. This runs on a fixed interval and is interrupt driven
    // set up and start the imu. This polls in the background
    // set up the depth sensor. This is an internal ADC read, but eventually will be on the ltc1298
    // construct a local file system
    // load config data from files
    configFileIO().load_BCE_config();      // load the buoyancy engine parameters from the file "bce.txt"
    configFileIO().load_BATT_config();     // load the battery mass mover parameters from the file "batt.txt"
    configFileIO().load_DEPTH_config();    // load the depth control loop parameters from the file "depth.txt" (contains neutral position)
    configFileIO().load_PITCH_config();    // load the depth control loop parameters from the file "pitch.txt" (contains neutral position)
    // set up the linear actuators.  adc has to be running first.
    bce().pause(); // start by not moving
    batt().pause(); // start by not moving
    // set up the depth and pitch outer loop controllers
    // show that the PID gains are loading from the file
    pc().printf("bce    P:%6.2f, I:%6.2f, D:%6.2f, zero %3i, limit %3.0f mm, slope %3.3f  \r\n", bce().getControllerP(), bce().getControllerI(), bce().getControllerD(), bce().getZeroCounts(), bce().getTravelLimit(), bce().getPotSlope());
    pc().printf("batt   P:%6.2f, I:%6.2f, D:%6.2f, zero %3i, limit %3.0f mm, slope %3.3f  \r\n", batt().getControllerP(), batt().getControllerI(), batt().getControllerD(), batt().getZeroCounts(), batt().getTravelLimit(), batt().getPotSlope());
    pc().printf("depth  P:%6.2f, I:%6.2f, D:%6.2f, offset:%6.1f mm \r\n", depthLoop().getControllerP(), depthLoop().getControllerI(), depthLoop().getControllerD(), depthLoop().getOutputOffset());
    pc().printf("pitch  P:%6.2f, I:%6.2f, D:%6.2f, offset:%6.1f mm \r\n", pitchLoop().getControllerP(), pitchLoop().getControllerI(), pitchLoop().getControllerD(), pitchLoop().getOutputOffset());
    //load sequence from file
    // establish the main loop rate
    loop_rate_ticker.attach(&loop_trigger, 0.1); // fires the ticker at 10 Hz rate
int main() {
    while(1) {
        // does this stuff at the loop rate
        if(loop) {
            led1() = !led1(); // blink
            loop = false; // wait until the loop rate timer fires again