Library for LoRa communication using MultiTech MDOT.

Dependents:   mDot_test_rx adc_sensor_lora mDotEVBM2X mDot_AT_firmware ... more

Function documentation is in mDot.h


Using libmDot 2.0.3 and above with an existing application may require a change in the MacEvent handler!
Compile applications with mbed v121 and mbed-rtos v116 libraries.

In AT Command Firmware remove line 803.


        delete[] info->RxBuffer;

Likewise, if your application is handling events from the library asynchronously.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
17:0da384ba484b 2016-11-18 Leon Lindenfelser Previous libmDot version "16:e4f80db195b6" has the wrong header files for mDot.h and mDotEvent.h. Use with mbed version 121 and mbed-rtos version 116. default tip
16:e4f80db195b6 2016-11-18 Leon Lindenfelser Update to version 1.0.8-revb-sleep-io-handled. Use with mbed version 121 and mbed-rtos version 116.
15:b50f92f1c6ff 2016-08-18 jreiss update libmDot to 2.0.3
14:121e4c454964 2016-04-04 Mike Fiore add other missing header
13:0f89ec319c18 2016-04-04 Mike Fiore add missing mDotEvent header
12:5fddfa2b85aa 2016-04-04 Mike Fiore update to version 1.0.8-1
11:9938ba31d428 2016-03-29 Mike Fiore update to version 1.0.7 of mDot library
10:0b4eb17d07ae 2015-09-10 Mike Fiore update libmDot to version 0.0.9-1
9:ebf682e616d0 2015-09-10 Mike Fiore update README, move files into new directory structure
8:57978a837b2d 2015-08-18 Mike Fiore update version info in library, no other changes
7:683dba5d576f 2015-08-17 Mike Fiore update to version 0.0.7
6:390fc83d588d 2015-07-16 Mike Fiore update from rev 0310fa23bc9c37c0575342961eac26e61d0966f4. NOTE: this version breaks compatibility with older MTS network server versions - use setJoinByteOrder(mDot::MSB) if operating with a network server version earlier than 0.0.5 or AEP 1.0.30
5:0bfe6a650513 2015-07-07 Mike Fiore update from revision 8f17f909cd6be946ce224094891e211901ac4836 - allow a DigitalOut pointer to be passed in and used as activity LED
4:94969e981dcc 2015-06-30 Mike Fiore update mDot library and mDot.h from git revision c5af21e8ddc6d37b5cd2f375c4b3b50ab50af026
3:5e805b567124 2015-06-24 Mike Fiore example code try to join in while loop
2:6385bf37bfe7 2015-06-24 Mike Fiore update README with info about beta-newboards & mbed-src
1:9f30fbe9e9c1 2015-06-24 Mike Fiore add README, LICENSE, headers, and library - from git tag mbed_24June2015
0:c62615f15125 2015-06-24 mfiore initial commit, mDot header