Simple example program to demonstrate and test cellular connection using the MTSAS library (over PPP protocol)

Dependencies:   mbed mtsas


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
21:b32f287609be 2015-07-09 mfiore use mtsas from MultiTech team page instead of Multi-Hackers default tip
20:edc60053c31a 2015-05-29 mfiore update Dragonfly pin names
19:4006daaa24fb 2015-03-25 Vanger mtsas updated
18:7c94867f9412 2015-03-23 Vanger Removed configureSignals() call as it is unused at this time.
17:e2102f58f3c9 2015-03-23 Vanger mbed update. Changed reset pin to NC, was previously set to 0, reset line thus used pin PA_0
16:8d511ce1bec8 2015-03-16 Vanger Updated MTSAS_Cellular_Connect_Example program to include pin settings for the Dragonfly board.
15:ae7bfcdf9e6a 2014-11-11 mfiore kludge: handle different reset pin names
14:7be450247d6f 2014-10-17 mfiore update mtsas library to latest
13:699045e9cce9 2014-08-13 Vanger Reordered radio configureSignals() after checking radio pointer init.
12:23c052e020a9 2014-08-12 Vanger Code review 2 fixes
11:7e11c3f99b51 2014-08-07 Vanger Deleted socketmodem under configuration comment line.
10:2e6637cca9d7 2014-08-07 Vanger Missed spelling issue "te" to "the"
9:0ed53023033b 2014-08-07 Vanger Spelling errors, comment wording, and added check for failed radio initialization
8:95c226a1dca7 2014-08-05 Vanger Added setTransport(radio), and added a comment
7:3e937d898953 2014-07-28 Vanger Added NONE for setLogLevel as a choice
6:9c490265dd91 2014-07-28 Vanger Forgot to add NONE level for setLogLevel
5:46e66c649006 2014-07-28 mfiore few readability and consistency tweaks
4:8b02a6b67f4d 2014-07-28 Vanger Added Log Level to debug and follow the program thread
3:f22ad66e049e 2014-07-28 Vanger Added APN value set to APN log print, DNS name for ping as ""; Removed \n from log lines.;
2:99606ba5d1bf 2014-07-25 Vanger Changed output messages from printf to log
1:4c54ec0a3a20 2014-07-24 Vanger Added for loops to ensure each step succeeds. Also added success indication for each step with a message output.
0:47bc9ce390cc 2014-07-24 Vanger Tests device connectivity with a simple ping command after connecting to the cell network, then it disconnects.