AT command firmware for MultiTech Dot devices.

Fork of mDot_AT_firmware by MultiTech

Dot Library Not Included!

Because these example programs can be used for both mDot and xDot devices, the LoRa stack is not included. The libmDot library should be imported if building for mDot devices. The libxDot library should be imported if building for xDot devices. The AT firmware was last tested with mbed-os-5.4.7. Using a version past mbed-os-5.4.7 will cause the build to fail. The library used with the AT firmware has to match the mbed-os version.

Dot Library Version 3 Updates

Dot Library versions 3.x.x require a channel plan to be injected into the stack. The Dot-Examples and Dot-AT-Firmware do this by defining a macro called "CHANNEL_PLAN" that controls the channel plan that will be used in the examples. Available channel plans will be in the Dot Library repository in the plans folder.

Revision 20 and earlier of Dot-Examples and revision 15 and earlier of Dot-AT-Firmware should be used with Dot Library versions prior to 3.0.0.

Fota Library

Th Fota Library must be added to compile for mDot 3.1.0 with Fota support. Latest dev libraries and 3.2.0 release will include Fota with libmDot/libxDot.

AT Firmware Description

This AT Firmware is what ships on mDot and xDot devices. It provides an AT command interface for using the mDot or xDot for LoRa communication.

AT command documentation can be found on

The firmware changelog can be found here. The library changelog can be found here.

Dot Libraries

Dot Library Limitations

The commit messages in libmDot-mbed5 and libmDot-dev-mbed5 specify the version of the Dot library the commit contains and the version of mbed-os it was compiled against. We recommend building your application with the version of mbed-os specified in the commit message of the version of the Dot library you're using. This will ensure that you don't run into any runtime issues caused by differences in the mbed-os versions.

Stable and development libraries are available for both mDot and xDot platforms. The library chosen must match the target platform. Compiling for the mDot platform with the xDot library or vice versa will not succeed.

mDot Library

Development library for mDot.


Stable library for mDot.

Import librarylibmDot-mbed5

Stable version of the mDot library for mbed 5. This version of the library is suitable for deployment scenarios. See lastest commit message for version of mbed-os library that has been tested against.

xDot Library

Development library for xDot.


Stable library for xDot.

Import librarylibxDot-mbed5

Stable version of the xDot library for mbed 5. This version of the library is suitable for deployment scenarios.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
33:5c0252521669 4 months ago Jason Reiss Remove moved commands default tip
32:823f9d955839 7 months ago Jason Reiss Added tag 4.0.0 for changeset d8251067cd3b
31:d8251067cd3b 7 months ago Jason Reiss update at version file 4.0.0
30:e9ee324eaa30 7 months ago Jason Reiss Added tag 4.0.0 for changeset 461d69a876ea
29:461d69a876ea 7 months ago Jason Reiss remove obsolete files, add bootloaders
28:c222ca8383f4 7 months ago Jason Reiss update to Dot 4.0.0 release
27:5fafd3b26ac3 9 months ago Jason Reiss Update to Dot 3.3.6
26:35c201bc5205 2019-05-03 jreiss Update to Dot 3.2.1 release; Remove AutoSleep command; Update mbed-os to 5.11.1;
25:889257b01978 2019-04-24 Jason Reiss Remove obsolete commands
24:9d8d5227e352 2019-04-24 Jason Reiss Add new commands
23:4f0a981c0349 2019-04-24 Jason Reiss Update for v3.2.0 release
22:a13ac7df92c0 2019-04-22 jenkins@jenkinsdm1 mdot-firmware revision 3.1.0
21:3e5f7469380c 2019-03-08 jreiss Remove libxDot
20:704ce2249f5a 2019-03-08 jreiss Remove FOTA commands if not mDot
19:7d87f36bca8a 2019-03-08 jreiss Fixes for fota library changes; Update mbed-os to 5.7.7; Add mbed_app.json to define FOTA
18:63f098f042b2 2019-03-08 jenkins@jenkinsdm1 mdot-firmware revision 3.1.0
17:95c9eb69329a 2017-06-19 jenkins@jenkinsdm1 mdot-firmware revision 3.0.0-rc7
16:d5cf2af81a6d 2017-06-19 jenkins@jenkinsdm1 mdot-firmware revision 3.0.0-rc7
15:e20116281a78 2016-11-04 jenkins@brutananadilewski mdot-firmware revision 2.0.16
14:f9a77400b622 2016-11-04 Mike Fiore update from git revision 2.0.16
13:b0f5ae12dc05 2016-11-04 mfiore remove libmDot
12:7df5a3942762 2016-11-04 mfiore remove libmDot, replace mbed & mbed-rtos with mbed-os
11:05e0f30c03a6 2016-08-22 mfiore update libmDot to 2.0.3 and update mbed libs to compatible versions: mbed 121, mbed-rtos 117
10:6a12bf1f6723 2016-04-04 mfiore update library version
9:ff62b20f7000 2016-04-04 Mike Fiore update to version 1.0.8 of AT firmware
8:a8be708e0e56 2016-04-04 mfiore update library revision to 1.0.8-1
7:3c97f3048373 2016-01-29 mfiore update libmDot to latest (rev 10)
6:e27eaad36a0c 2016-01-29 Mike Fiore update to AT firmware version 0.1.4
5:59f60bedc6df 2015-08-18 mfiore update mDot library version
4:666017851052 2015-08-18 Mike Fiore update mdot-firmware to 0.1.2
3:1ee9417f6707 2015-08-18 mfiore replace mbed-src with mbed
2:e5eebd74d36d 2015-07-10 Mike Fiore update from rev 6d77074fdfa315ba86bedecc44515b11bfa6e9a0 - add support for commas in payloads of +SEND and +SENDI
1:e52ae6584f1c 2015-06-25 Mike Fiore update debug, add command source files
0:e2b8246361bc 2015-06-25 mfiore initial commit, main, debug, version, wakeup, doc