A library for talking to Multi-Tech's Cellular SocketModem Devices.

Dependents:   M2X_dev axeda_wrapper_dev MTS_M2x_Example1 MTS_Cellular_Connect_Example ... more


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
152:9a2c7ed27744 2014-09-02 mfiore Wifi: fix compatibility break with old shields by checking for both old and new style responses to "show connection" command default tip
151:483208276759 2014-08-28 mfiore merge
150:95093b517872 2014-08-28 mfiore wifi: fix parsing of "show connection"; resolves issue where program can get stuck in state where flag says socket is open but it's really closed
149:e0a437f61854 2014-07-11 mfiore merge commit 147
148:df9feef182b4 2014-07-11 mfiore prepend status enum with "MTS_" to avoid conflicts with ST's SUCCESS, ERROR, etc
147:cc1789c65687 2014-05-29 mfiore add missing end paren in test_TCP_Socket.h
146:efc4db23a564 2014-01-20 jengbrecht Moved IPStack.h to Socket folder, should eventually be its own library. Also added overloaded setTransport method to Transport for passing in any IPStack derived object, look at merging this concept to mbed official.
145:6a65bc3e1310 2014-01-15 jengbrecht Ooops, forgot one last detail...
144:52cb5b6667cc 2014-01-15 jengbrecht Fixed nagging serial bug, in MTSSerial and MTSSerialFlowControl. Made handleRead simpler and disabled RxIrq before all putc calls.
143:c7d8fe37981b 2014-01-05 mfiore revamp Cellular::init() function; resets the radio to make sure it's in a good state before proceeding; this function waits for the radio to come up, so we don't need to outside; ; update documentation and examples in SocketModem to reflect these changes
142:3b40320f3f73 2014-01-04 sam_grove Hack serial comm error to keep alive
141:571e0ef6c8dc 2014-01-04 kranjan Added licensing header to all files in the library
140:bf0c8288eb78 2014-01-04 jengbrecht In MTSSerial and MTSSerialFlowControl added code in handle to read to clear buffer on invalid overflow condition of 0xFF
139:73a7d1cd2e9c 2014-01-04 jengbrecht Removed UDP support from Socket Package and noted this in documentation within IPStack, Cellular and Wifi classes.
138:a233b9775f93 2014-01-04 jengbrecht Added the ability on open call within Wifi to except a URL in addition to an IP address.
137:669d94870b68 2014-01-03 jengbrecht Updated Cellular example to use DCD and DTR pins in init function for KL46Z
136:0937dce3630b 2014-01-03 jengbrecht Merged.
135:960c0b523f88 2014-01-03 jengbrecht In Wifi made debug option off by default and fixed issue on connect call 2+ times timing out.
134:50e2616ac755 2014-01-02 jengbrecht Merged
133:da0a2a7b5aa1 2014-01-02 jengbrecht Fixed issue in Wifi on connect call for 2+ times in a row
132:165b3a1084bd 2014-01-03 sam_grove seems that not waiting for an entire command to respond will choke up the module. enhanced with double checks and waits but should think about parsing the <ver> from a "" command and check that rather than just AOK before sending something else
131:da8f0e1c264a 2014-01-03 sam_grove Added DBG to wifi.cpp, implement reset in init() so hardware boots the same way each time as if reset IO pin was present. Loop until echo is off by response. All these changes seem to fix the rouge data after disconnect caused by module ERR: Net IF
130:5a8af68a46ec 2014-01-02 jengbrecht In Wifi made reset more robust!
129:3aa470877c59 2014-01-02 jengbrecht Updated MTSSerial handle read call to look more like MTSSerialFlowControl
128:cd154c0253d9 2014-01-02 jengbrecht Merged.
127:526003734633 2014-01-02 jengbrecht Added command mode state check in the constructor.
126:7a8ca7478e0b 2014-01-02 mfiore remove sample_application.h
125:850c51cbeff7 2014-01-02 mfiore merged
124:6d964b4343c8 2014-01-02 mfiore finish cleaning up test directory; socket, socket echo, and ping tests can be run on wifi or cellular by changing #define value in each test header; test_main.cpp has commented out main function with all tests ready to go
123:a84f6b89132b 2014-01-02 jengbrecht Added getDeviceIP method to Cellular
122:5f95f81a8b03 2014-01-02 jengbrecht Added to Wifi and Cellular that isOpen will return true if data is in the receive buffer.
121:5a7fba896c98 2013-12-31 jengbrecht Added the reset function to Wifi.
120:3051dd49fa3a 2013-12-31 jengbrecht Updated Wifi documentation
119:544578fd290c 2013-12-31 jengbrecht Added small delay after Wifi close so that subsequent isOpen calls would return correctly.
118:da77017d6c09 2013-12-31 jengbrecht Merged.
117:e59a616ffe16 2013-12-31 jengbrecht In Wifi made a few more robustness improvements related to the isOpen method throughout.
116:8b58efef3528 2013-12-31 mfiore merged
115:b26176f23e89 2013-12-31 mfiore add Transport.h to include_me.h; start cleaning up test directory - not finished yet
114:cd34b1d64360 2013-12-31 jengbrecht In Wifi made isOpen and close methods way more robust to handle issues seen with closing an HTTP connection.
113:7238f9b8db17 2013-12-31 jengbrecht Made minor robustness improvements to Wifi close method and added NONE default to the transport class
112:4c7d6c30716a 2013-12-31 sgodinez Merged
111:d1c563341d84 2013-12-31 sgodinez Merged
110:8f3149c99112 2013-12-31 sgodinez Improved robustness of close() call
109:08d39ce849a3 2013-12-31 jengbrecht Merged
108:554585370b4a 2013-12-31 jengbrecht Made setDeviceIP more robust in Wifi
107:556b341e28ea 2013-12-31 mfiore add Wifi.h to include_me.h
106:358972176b89 2013-12-31 jengbrecht In Wifi added the ability to get and set the Device's IP as static or DHCP. Also moved the DHCP setting to the init function for default setting. Added some more documentation.
105:1977b7154940 2013-12-31 mfiore fixed ping test
104:93f448577daf 2013-12-30 jengbrecht Merged.
103:da58d27c15d7 2013-12-30 jengbrecht In Wifi updated the getSignalStrength method to be more robust, added a lot more comments. Also modified the setNetwork param order.
102:914226a5e530 2013-12-30 sgodinez Merged.
101:27bb34e23304 2013-12-30 sgodinez Fixed issue where rxClear() did not update RTS.
100:9d96b4391151 2013-12-30 jengbrecht Got all Wifi commands working in a stable way, except reset. Was able to perform a successful loopback test.
99:eba6b99bc80c 2013-12-30 jengbrecht Merged
98:dbeac735109d 2013-12-30 jengbrecht Added better checking of command verses data mode
97:5e65d8f334d5 2013-12-30 sgodinez Merged. Fixed compile error.
96:27bdf4aa3a31 2013-12-30 sgodinez Fixed mem leak. Improved robustness. Automated Tcp Socket Test.
95:4fdf968b5b37 2013-12-30 jengbrecht Added more functionality to Wifi like ping, open, close, although open and are still not working right....
94:1baa587e89ae 2013-12-30 jengbrecht Added several improvements and robustness stuff to the Wifi class, starting to be pretty stable, still issue with Disconnect....
93:aa7a48e65974 2013-12-27 jengbrecht Got connect, getSignalStrength, sendCommand, sendBasicCommand, isConnected and setCmdMode, all working in WiFi pretty well. Still need a little more testing, but worthy of a commit. :-)