A library for talking to Multi-Tech's Cellular SocketModem Devices.

Dependents:   M2X_dev axeda_wrapper_dev MTS_M2x_Example1 MTS_Cellular_Connect_Example ... more

Revisions of wifi/Wifi.h

Revision Date Message Actions
141:571e0ef6c8dc 2014-01-04 Added licensing header to all files in the library File  Diff  Annotate
139:73a7d1cd2e9c 2014-01-04 Removed UDP support from Socket Package and noted this in documentation within IPStack, Cellular and Wifi classes. File  Diff  Annotate
138:a233b9775f93 2014-01-04 Added the ability on open call within Wifi to except a URL in addition to an IP address. File  Diff  Annotate
131:da8f0e1c264a 2014-01-03 Added DBG to wifi.cpp, implement reset in init() so hardware boots the same way each time as if reset IO pin was present. Loop until echo is off by response. All these changes seem to fix the rouge data after disconnect caused by module ERR: Net IF File  Diff  Annotate
121:5a7fba896c98 2013-12-31 Added the reset function to Wifi. File  Diff  Annotate
120:3051dd49fa3a 2013-12-31 Updated Wifi documentation File  Diff  Annotate
108:554585370b4a 2013-12-31 Made setDeviceIP more robust in Wifi File  Diff  Annotate
106:358972176b89 2013-12-31 In Wifi added the ability to get and set the Device's IP as static or DHCP. Also moved the DHCP setting to the init function for default setting. Added some more documentation. File  Diff  Annotate
103:da58d27c15d7 2013-12-30 In Wifi updated the getSignalStrength method to be more robust, added a lot more comments. Also modified the setNetwork param order. File  Diff  Annotate
95:4fdf968b5b37 2013-12-30 Added more functionality to Wifi like ping, open, close, although open and are still not working right.... File  Diff  Annotate
94:1baa587e89ae 2013-12-30 Added several improvements and robustness stuff to the Wifi class, starting to be pretty stable, still issue with Disconnect.... File  Diff  Annotate
93:aa7a48e65974 2013-12-27 Got connect, getSignalStrength, sendCommand, sendBasicCommand, isConnected and setCmdMode, all working in WiFi pretty well. Still need a little more testing, but worthy of a commit. :-) File  Diff  Annotate
79:f356009dbc12 2013-12-27 Added a few more features to Wifi. File  Diff  Annotate
76:371aab9902a4 2013-12-26 Merged File  Diff  Annotate
75:7ad32827b39e 2013-12-26 Removed Echo mode method File  Diff  Annotate
74:9f87bd22c222 2013-12-26 Added signal strength method to Wifi and changed the sendCommand NONE case statement File  Diff  Annotate
73:bb5bbca971ae 2013-12-26 Updated Wifi for merge. File  Diff  Annotate
69:f3e696bbb0d5 2013-12-26 Added some Wifi support, including getting the connect method to work. File  Diff  Annotate