Dependencies:   ADS1015 MPU6050 PixelArray PixelArray-Nucleo mbed WS2813

Fork of Nucleo-transfer by Momo Medical


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
72:9d9846baf590 2018-07-03 deldering95 Watchdog added for unexpected crashes to be handled default tip
71:040674ed2ce1 2018-07-03 deldering95 Watchdog timer added to prevent system freezes
70:204686903e4c 2018-06-05 deldering95 I2C freeze, button freeze and button press time fixed
69:98db4df7278f 2018-06-05 deldering95 merge
68:1663f305ac33 2018-06-05 deldering95 LED circle with final functions
67:1b300aa30923 2018-05-29 deldering95 Circle completed except patient detect;
66:88c910cd4d9e 2018-05-25 deldering95 All colour wheel funcionalities except for the patient detect and decompression time memory
65:7cd5eb750efe 2018-03-16 deldering95 2.4.1 Pi?zo Electric sample fix
64:065e2a679bad 2018-05-29 BartHertog Wijzigingen om de reference belt te laten werken
63:2ed063519117 2018-04-17 BartHertog Same as commit before this one.
62:aecfbfc506db 2018-04-17 BartHertog Modified lib url refrence to include the new group name Momo-Medical instead of Momo. This allows for correct references.
61:3abf7910beab 2018-04-17 BartHertog Changed referemence to the Momo-Medical group instead of the old Momo group
60:2f7e82c6f916 2018-03-09 Ishy Added co-author
59:d2cb332c308b 2018-03-06 deldering95 2x3 Piezo
58:8cfa736d8553 2018-03-06 deldering95 Latest 2x3 piezo
57:fac732476810 2018-02-28 deldering95 Sensorplate In/Out crash fixed
56:97dea631c5f2 2018-02-28 Ishy Lasted version
55:b74e7076d7a0 2018-02-15 Ishy Changes made regarding logging buttons and logging lights above buttons.
54:a65b6fa447b0 2018-01-22 Ishy Added logging for the lock button;
53:54c882995514 2018-02-12 deldering95 Accelero x2 fix
52:4d18491920bf 2018-02-01 deldering95 (none)
51:69087c44e8ac 2018-02-01 deldering95 (none)
50:442d13dff34a 2018-01-16 deldering95 Met clinical feedback, oude buttons;
49:bc0ae2256ab0 2018-01-16 Added tag Alleen_PieCB for changeset 80cfc181f8b3
48:aca02ef5cd01 2018-01-16 deldering95 Nucleo with clinical feedback;
47:80cfc181f8b3 2018-01-15 deldering95 Version before Clinical Feedback; Alleen_PieCB
46:a0e6e088a50a 2018-01-11 ricardo_95 Changes for RTC functionality (made by Ishvara & Danny).
45:7ebe860702b4 2018-01-08 ricardo_95 ADC readout for accu deleted and software connection test for sensorplate changed to hardware.
44:dcbde3175a37 2017-12-01 deldering95 Fixed issue with holding buttons ;
43:d09814c177a0 2017-12-01 deldering95 Working Nucleo version with LED control via 3 GPIO's instead of UART
42:673ddef4cfa4 2017-11-30 Ishy New code for the Nucleo uC
41:5380ada94ec6 2017-11-27 Ishy Changed all pins;
40:a5614befa65f 2017-10-26 ricardo_95 i2c variable name changed, because of errors. Sensor order changed.
39:cff99a9b7237 2017-10-26 ricardo_95 i2c frequency variable name changed, because of error. Sensor order changed.
38:764847892afc 2017-10-26 ricardo_95 Voltage deviders revised, because of new hardware configuration.
37:d8f7b2b5719a 2017-10-19 ricardo_95 Version with variables clearer declared and feedback Menno/Bart.
36:d10f368d037b 2017-10-18 ricardo_95 Comments added and functions/variables clearer defined.
35:e9026c40726e 2017-10-12 ricardo_95 Rubbish deleted.
34:1614f4f2b841 2017-10-12 ricardo_95 Bugfixes.
33:df21cb8dc5c7 2017-10-11 ricardo_95 Belt implemented for testing algorithm.
32:0944efc47e46 2017-10-11 ricardo_95 Version before combining belt.
31:24770fa8114b 2017-10-09 ricardo_95 Intensity LED's on demand from Ide changed.
30:bc0bddc6f8d1 2017-10-09 ricardo_95 Parity bit added for better serial communication.
29:45647b61f4cf 2017-10-05 ricardo_95 Working code pilot 1 (exept new patient after calibration in logging). Changed %d in %f for last sensorvalues.
28:b4bee068780d 2017-10-05 ricardo_95 Working code pilot 1, excluding new patient after calibration.
27:77065263c0ea 2017-10-03 ricardo_95 Scanf statement added for LED's front.
26:9e130f7ee829 2017-10-03 ricardo_95 Working code pilot 1, excluding communication PI to uC.
25:96c34634abda 2017-10-03 ricardo_95 Sensorplate detect integrated.
24:782c4dc4a3ff 2017-10-02 ricardo_95 Alarm changes.
23:4a09554bdc1a 2017-10-02 ricardo_95 Lock state added to calibration.
22:a09775c25890 2017-10-02 ricardo_95 Code for pilot 1.
21:13e4824bc364 2017-10-02 ricardo_95 -
20:ed91698725cc 2017-09-29 ricardo_95 Unworking for reason we not know. Back to revision from yesterday evening.
19:3b5999fa7b7e 2017-09-28 ricardo_95 Almost finished pilot 1. Only LED's above user interface must be finetuned.
18:3b2686cdbcb7 2017-09-28 ricardo_95 Code for pilot 1 (serial communication works, LED's above buttons should be added).
17:6ec7d594c1f1 2017-09-28 ricardo_95 Battery read added.
16:adbbac0c79f9 2017-09-28 ricardo_95 Added accu code
15:635303444c81 2017-09-28 AnirudhBisht Fixed removed function call
14:3e7c3044d48b 2017-09-28 ricardo_95 17:23
13:b85f41d6fe6f 2017-09-28 ricardo_95 Some changes.