Patched version of nrf51822 FOTA compatible driver, with GPTIO disabled, as it clashed with the mbed definitions...

Fork of nRF51822 by Nordic Semiconductor

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NRF_RNG_Type Struct Reference

NRF_RNG_Type Struct Reference

Random Number Generator. More...

#include <nrf51.h>

Data Fields

__O uint32_t TASKS_START
__O uint32_t TASKS_STOP
__IO uint32_t SHORTS
__IO uint32_t INTENSET
__IO uint32_t INTENCLR
__IO uint32_t CONFIG
__I uint32_t VALUE
__IO uint32_t POWER

Detailed Description

Random Number Generator.


Definition at line 827 of file nrf51.h.

Field Documentation

__IO uint32_t CONFIG

Configuration register.

Definition at line 838 of file nrf51.h.


New random number generated and written to VALUE register.

Definition at line 831 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t INTENCLR

Interrupt enable clear register

Definition at line 836 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t INTENSET

Interrupt enable set register

Definition at line 835 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t POWER

Peripheral power control.

Definition at line 841 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t SHORTS

Shortcuts for the RNG.

Definition at line 833 of file nrf51.h.

__O uint32_t TASKS_START

< RNG Structure Start the random number generator.

Definition at line 828 of file nrf51.h.

__O uint32_t TASKS_STOP

Stop the random number generator.

Definition at line 829 of file nrf51.h.

__I uint32_t VALUE

RNG random number.

Definition at line 839 of file nrf51.h.