Patched version of nrf51822 FOTA compatible driver, with GPTIO disabled, as it clashed with the mbed definitions...

Fork of nRF51822 by Nordic Semiconductor

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NRF_ECB_Type Struct Reference

NRF_ECB_Type Struct Reference

AES ECB Mode Encryption. More...

#include <nrf51.h>

Data Fields

__O uint32_t TASKS_STOPECB
__IO uint32_t INTENSET
__IO uint32_t INTENCLR
__IO uint32_t ECBDATAPTR
__IO uint32_t POWER

Detailed Description

AES ECB Mode Encryption.


Definition at line 854 of file nrf51.h.

Field Documentation

__IO uint32_t ECBDATAPTR

ECB block encrypt memory pointer.

Definition at line 868 of file nrf51.h.


ECB block encrypt complete.

Definition at line 861 of file nrf51.h.


ECB block encrypt aborted due to a STOPECB task or due to an error.

Definition at line 862 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t INTENCLR

Interrupt enable clear register.

Definition at line 866 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t INTENSET

Interrupt enable set register.

Definition at line 865 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t POWER

Peripheral power control.

Definition at line 870 of file nrf51.h.


< ECB Structure Start ECB block encrypt. If a crypto operation is running, this will not initiate a new encryption and the ERRORECB event will be triggered.

Definition at line 855 of file nrf51.h.

__O uint32_t TASKS_STOPECB

Stop current ECB encryption. If a crypto operation is running, this will will trigger the ERRORECB event.

Definition at line 858 of file nrf51.h.