Patched version of nrf51822 FOTA compatible driver, with GPTIO disabled, as it clashed with the mbed definitions...

Fork of nRF51822 by Nordic Semiconductor

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NRF_AAR_Type Struct Reference

NRF_AAR_Type Struct Reference

Accelerated Address Resolver. More...

#include <nrf51.h>

Data Fields

__O uint32_t TASKS_START
__O uint32_t TASKS_STOP
__IO uint32_t EVENTS_END
__IO uint32_t INTENSET
__IO uint32_t INTENCLR
__I uint32_t STATUS
__IO uint32_t ENABLE
__IO uint32_t NIRK
__IO uint32_t IRKPTR
__IO uint32_t ADDRPTR
__IO uint32_t SCRATCHPTR
__IO uint32_t POWER

Detailed Description

Accelerated Address Resolver.


Definition at line 883 of file nrf51.h.

Field Documentation

__IO uint32_t ADDRPTR

Pointer to the resolvable address (6 bytes).

Definition at line 902 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t ENABLE

Enable AAR.

Definition at line 898 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t EVENTS_END

Address resolution procedure completed.

Definition at line 889 of file nrf51.h.


Address not resolved.

Definition at line 891 of file nrf51.h.


Address resolved.

Definition at line 890 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t INTENCLR

Interrupt enable clear register.

Definition at line 894 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t INTENSET

Interrupt enable set register.

Definition at line 893 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t IRKPTR

Pointer to the IRK data structure.

Definition at line 900 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t NIRK

Number of Identity root Keys in the IRK data structure.

Definition at line 899 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t POWER

Peripheral power control.

Definition at line 906 of file nrf51.h.

__IO uint32_t SCRATCHPTR

Pointer to a "scratch" data area used for temporary storage during resolution. A minimum of 3 bytes must be reserved.

Definition at line 903 of file nrf51.h.

__I uint32_t STATUS

Resolution status.

Definition at line 896 of file nrf51.h.

__O uint32_t TASKS_START

< AAR Structure Start resolving addresses based on IRKs specified in the IRK data structure.

Definition at line 884 of file nrf51.h.

__O uint32_t TASKS_STOP

Stop resolving addresses.

Definition at line 887 of file nrf51.h.