Test program running on MAX32625MBED. Control through USB Serial commands using a terminal emulator such as teraterm or putty.

Dependencies:   MaximTinyTester CmdLine MAX541 MAX5715 USBDevice

Revisions of main.cpp

Revision Date Message Actions
18:14afc2a2150f 2 months ago MAX32620FTHR support: USBSerial not working yet... File  Diff  Annotate
17:bf4efc8f5eee 2 months ago WIP testing MAX32620FTHR support File  Diff  Annotate
16:3c75011e705a 2 months ago Preliminary support MAX32625PICO MAX32620FTHR (buildable, not tested yet) File  Diff  Annotate
15:2c21eaa9188b 2 months ago update MAX12345 placeholder File  Diff  Annotate
14:cbe972986136 2 months ago Workaround MAX32630FTHR issue with SPI mode2, mode3 File  Diff  Annotate
13:e36d51f46794 2 months ago Support MAX32630FTHR File  Diff  Annotate
12:5d3f9663ea0c 2 months ago Support Nucleo_F446RE (LED indicators are NC) File  Diff  Annotate
11:9fa2402071de 2 months ago Support MAX32600 File  Diff  Annotate
10:228a52f8107d 2 months ago Move MA5715_menu_onEOLcommandParser from main.cpp into Test_Menu_MA5715.cpp; File  Diff  Annotate
9:9b4232e20020 2 months ago MaximTinyTester status LED blink timing adjustment File  Diff  Annotate
8:6bdfb1376fed 2 months ago add LED indicators m_PassLED, m_FailLED, m_BusyLED; ; pulse blue LED during test to indicate activity File  Diff  Annotate
7:bf501f8cb637 2 months ago tester cleanup rename Serial microUSBserial(..) to Serial serial(..); always HAS_MICROUSBSERIAL 1; optional secondary Serial DAPLINKserial(..); File  Diff  Annotate
6:dc823dc85234 2 months ago remove dead code; tester cleanup always #define USE_COMMAND_BUFFER 1; tester cleanup always #define HAS_pwmDrivers 0; File  Diff  Annotate
5:82037e281451 3 months ago remove if-else-endif USE_MAXIMTINYTESTER always 1 File  Diff  Annotate
3:8913cb4a8b9f 3 months ago MAX5715BOB MAX11131BOB MAX5171BOB MaximTinyTester ok File  Diff  Annotate
2:b3a8a0ca0a94 3 months ago replace C++11 lambda expressions with named functions File  Diff  Annotate
1:40369075c365 3 months ago ide.mbed.com does not support C++11 Lambda Expressions File  Diff  Annotate
0:3edb3708c8c5 3 months ago based on sandbox monster, need remove unrelated products; does online ide not support c++11 lambda expressions? File  Diff  Annotate