Demonstrates the MAX44000 library and some of the features of the MAX44000

Dependencies:   MAX44000 ard2pmod mbed

Fork of ALS_ARD2PMOD_Demo by Maxim Integrated

MAX44000PMB1 Demonstration

This demonstrates some of the capabilities of the MAX44000. This is written to work with the MAXREFDES72# adapter board and the MAX44000PMB1 peripheral module. It uses the standard Arduino pin names and it will compile for most arduino form-factor mbed boards. /media/uploads/switches/max44000pmb1_demo.jpg To run this demonstration you will need:

In this demonstration the LEDs are changed based on data from the sensor.

  • LED1 toggles when something is first detected by the proximity sensor.
  • LED2 indicates when the Ambient Light Sensor reads greater than a set value (alsLim).
  • LED3 will stay on whenever something is detected by the proximity sensor and stay on for an additional 5s after it is no longer detected.

Note: Some boards use D13 for an LED signal, so this example uses the second row (row B, pins 7 through 12) of the Pmod connector. /media/uploads/switches/max44000_align.jpg

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