Demonstrates the MAX44000 library and some of the features of the MAX44000

Dependencies:   MAX44000 ard2pmod mbed

Fork of ALS_ARD2PMOD_Demo by Maxim Integrated

MAX44000PMB1 Demonstration

This demonstrates some of the capabilities of the MAX44000. This is written to work with the MAXREFDES72# adapter board and the MAX44000PMB1 peripheral module. It uses the standard Arduino pin names and it will compile for most arduino form-factor mbed boards. /media/uploads/switches/max44000pmb1_demo.jpg To run this demonstration you will need:

In this demonstration the LEDs are changed based on data from the sensor.

  • LED1 toggles when something is first detected by the proximity sensor.
  • LED2 indicates when the Ambient Light Sensor reads greater than a set value (alsLim).
  • LED3 will stay on whenever something is detected by the proximity sensor and stay on for an additional 5s after it is no longer detected.

Note: Some boards use D13 for an LED signal, so this example uses the second row (row B, pins 7 through 12) of the Pmod connector. /media/uploads/switches/max44000_align.jpg

Tested platform boards

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Wed Oct 19 17:11:00 2016 +0000
Changed drive strength to 10mA (down from 110mA).  This reduces the sensitivity and range of the proximity sensor, but it is compatible with MAX44000PMB1 boards that were built with 33 Ohm resistors inline with the power supply.

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