C code and C++ library, driver software for Maxim Integrated DS1775, DS75 thermometer and thermostat temperature sensor. Code supports continuous or shut-down/standby, hysteresis, alarm limits, comparator or interrupt mode, fault filtering, and active low/high. Compact 5-pin SOT23 packaging

Dependents:   DS1775_Digital_Thermostat_Temperature

--- a/ds1775_c.h	Mon Apr 08 02:36:00 2019 +0000
+++ b/ds1775_c.h	Mon Apr 08 17:02:40 2019 +0000
@@ -47,13 +47,11 @@
 float ds1775_read_reg_as_temperature(uint8_t reg, I2C &i2c_bus);
-int ds1775_write_reg16(int16_t value, char reg, I2C &i2c_bus);
 int ds1775_write_cfg_reg(uint8_t cfg, I2C &i2c_bus);
-int ds1775_write_trip_low(float temperature, I2C &i2c_bus);
+int ds1775_write_trip_low_thyst(float temperature, I2C &i2c_bus);
-int ds1775_write_trip_high(float temperature, I2C &i2c_bus);
+int ds1775_write_trip_high_tos(float temperature, I2C &i2c_bus);
 float ds1775_celsius_to_fahrenheit(float temp_c);