Sweep a servo according to Proximity sensor measure

Dependencies:   Servo X_NUCLEO_6180XA1 mbed

Fork of HelloWorld_6180XA1 by ST


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46:43aef8f6e9a0 2016-10-06 mfr16 Example to sweep a servo according to Proximity sensor measure default tip
45:97f6ac8f2bb1 2016-09-27 mapellil Updated 6180 library
44:3c68d5aa842e 2016-09-12 mapellil Extremely simplified the HelloWorld app now consisting in only GetLux and GetDistance synchronous functions calling. Removed the local 4 digit display and the red and the blue button management. The measure results are printed on serial over USB.
43:f03152407731 2016-09-12 mapellil Moved to als/range single shot polling mode measure and updated the 6180 lib.
42:ee8c5b1f2e1d 2016-06-15 mapellil Removed board deletion (singleton object has no destructor) and linked latest 6180 lib
41:928458829959 2016-03-21 mapellil Updated mbed lib and 6180 lib
40:204f84887d70 2016-03-15 mapellil FIxed Blue Button management
39:851cfabf7aa6 2016-02-23 mapellil I2c is now passed by address to IntContinousALSorRangeMeasure
38:c0356f34112c 2015-12-03 nikapov Updated lib dependency
37:724632fff9c1 2015-12-03 mapellil Removed some comments
36:0d4aa5b3234d 2015-11-27 mapellil Renamed I2C GPIOs using Arduino names for multi vendor compatibility
35:8b4a5cc0fb1f 2015-11-24 mapellil Removed polling measure, passed GPIOs to board constructor, added comments
34:0b6feed784be 2015-11-19 mapellil Updated lib
33:b903a0ec8803 2015-11-17 licio.mapelli@st.com Function CheckSlider now using board slider obj
32:724d2afb0ca2 2015-11-12 licio.mapelli@st.com Added Polling measure, code cleanup
31:1aaf6b8b066e 2015-11-10 mapellil Added timer to 4digit display func
30:c8efec21544f 2015-11-09 mapellil Code cleanup
29:f78f9d2eccff 2015-11-06 mapellil Now linking https://developer.mbed.org/users/mapellil/code/X_NUCLEO_6180XA1/
28:acf5e09f8dc4 2015-11-06 gallonm Updated test
27:2afb9baf718f 2015-11-05 gallonm Updated main.cpp by introducing CheckSlider, StartPrintMessage, StopPrintMessage
26:e19e6cb2e6bb 2015-11-04 gallonm Updated main.cpp
25:2c4710283e02 2015-11-03 gallonm Updated display when there is no target
24:018a59122fe3 2015-11-03 gallonm Updated DisplayRefresh function
23:9085260d2902 2015-11-02 gallonm Updated DisplayRefresh function
22:bb440c864489 2015-11-02 gallonm Updated main.cpp
21:19fb31bb15e0 2015-11-02 gallonm Updated x_nucleo_6180xa1_test
20:b2e0b41a0e6b 2015-11-02 gallonm Updated main.cpp
19:394c9a4a3046 2015-10-30 gallonm Introduced a test application that performs a range mesurement and an als measurement
18:6312be3b32d9 2015-10-28 gallonm Deleted Middlewares folder and its subfolders.; Deleted HmiBBGesture files.
17:68515d0667af 2015-10-28 gallonm Updated main.cpp
16:fbf61b7c65ba 2015-10-28 gallonm Updated main.cpp
15:b94bc967fecd 2015-10-28 gallonm Removed Serial pc.
14:946e62f44f4f 2015-10-27 gallonm Updated all files. Added midlewares
13:ce9220e964bd 2015-10-27 gallonm modified main
12:202587bd0285 2015-10-20 gallonm Tested all sensors.; Introduced the functions InitBoard, StartMeasurement, GetMeasurement, StopMeasurement and HandleIRQ.; Tested different types of operating mode
11:657dbe7bf245 2015-10-20 gallonm Tested 2 and 3 sensors simultaneously with range continuous interrupt operating mode
10:5319abadb31e 2015-10-19 gallonm Fixed the main function introducing #ifdef to test the different operating modes
9:1d0e839edee8 2015-10-13 gallonm Created a test bench to verify the differet type of operating mode.
8:4c05f7a5bb60 2015-10-06 gallonm Fitted the Init function to initialize the board and to prepare the measurements
7:865f0c23a183 2015-09-29 licio.mapelli@st.com added I2C change address test
6:f253ca7919af 2015-09-29 licio.mapelli@st.com test GPIOExp
5:fa65d931bd96 2015-09-25 gallonm update file
4:ccd62fd7e137 2015-09-17 gallonm Test Init function and ReadID function
3:ec91a30891d5 2015-09-11 gallonm Update files
2:4d78343b6f3a 2015-09-11 mapellil included mbed lib
1:b12e08be09f2 2015-09-11 mapellil 1commit
0:83c628a58feb 2015-09-08 gallonm 1 commit