MBED NanoService Lighting Endpoint for NXP Ublox (Ethernet enabled)

Dependencies:   C027 C12832 EthernetInterface StatusReporter LM75B endpoint_core endpoint_nsp mbed-rtos mbed nsp_resources


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
250:9f98ccadf2c1 2014-09-26 ansond updates for new logger and status reporter default tip
249:855aa4f66360 2014-09-24 ansond updates for new status reporter
248:c0009407f1ae 2014-09-21 ansond update to ssl lib
247:30a1f40680db 2014-09-19 ansond updated HTTP library
246:c06302248d52 2014-09-19 ansond reduced size of console logging buffer
245:f7ed5c7a8904 2014-09-19 ansond hopefully final HTTP NXP buffer size tweak
244:2280164e389c 2014-09-19 ansond yet another HTTP buffer size tweak
243:95b438cd4b32 2014-09-19 ansond updated ssl library again
242:290f8a9c7540 2014-09-19 ansond updated SSL library
241:82eccb08194a 2014-09-19 ansond double checked all config options for techcon
240:b02f2690e536 2014-09-19 ansond updated to latest NSDL library
239:9a970659f32b 2014-09-19 ansond updates
238:656800d1844c 2014-09-17 ansond more cleanups
237:c85aba01bbf8 2014-09-17 ansond updates
236:65b60b5ffbbe 2014-09-17 ansond updates
235:18af4809dd52 2014-09-15 ansond more stability updates
234:4eeae49a3f5f 2014-09-14 ansond stability fixes
233:0117f74a695b 2014-09-13 ansond reenabled reregistration thread
232:babbc924cb4e 2014-09-13 ansond updates for autoregistration
231:5a1b84e1eebd 2014-09-12 ansond updated with thread-safe wait()
230:f1fab8125edb 2014-09-12 ansond updated with thread-safe wait()
229:4eba5aef2aa7 2014-09-11 ansond updates
228:dfa947de956d 2014-09-10 ansond disabled APM light behavior
227:76dbd27b3c27 2014-09-10 ansond updated location
226:37d21baac163 2014-09-09 ansond updated with latest status reporter
225:2e602cfe3b46 2014-08-29 ansond updates to StatusReporter
224:970e37b0ed16 2014-08-29 ansond updates
223:243696bb9545 2014-08-29 ansond updates
222:363bad9009a7 2014-08-29 ansond updates
221:7b6bbefb167b 2014-08-28 ansond updates
220:36f7f919aecb 2014-08-28 ansond updated http library
219:8b83fb611d0f 2014-08-01 ansond updates for APM copcar
218:5a11c0f0ff66 2014-07-31 ansond changed freq for apm light zerocross
217:009a5c0ecea2 2014-07-25 ansond updated default dimming value
216:d912a4044f4d 2014-07-18 ansond updates to APM Light - fixed blinking in Light
215:4f43da39cb76 2014-07-17 ansond tweaked location
214:2cae0c2e66c4 2014-07-17 ansond more fixes for tuning APM light
213:2c4576b9cc02 2014-07-17 ansond namespace conflict resolved for nsp endpoints
212:5b2229fbbbba 2014-07-17 ansond updated GPS coords
211:3b3380fa7ecb 2014-07-16 ansond added APMDemoLight
210:da093eadf7bd 2014-07-07 ansond updates
209:a659178afd28 2014-07-03 ansond update for NSP cellular networking
208:717fe6ebbcd4 2014-07-03 ansond updates for NSP cellular network
207:92c5b687d33d 2014-07-03 ansond updates to cellular
206:44f6f701e12d 2014-07-03 ansond updated ethernet interface
205:35cc226c0e3d 2014-07-03 ansond updated rtos 16 to 34
204:4e046ba15a01 2014-07-02 ansond updates
203:b28c41fb1e70 2014-07-02 ansond updates to NSP configuration
202:a299c8efc482 2014-07-01 ansond updates for cellular
201:0baddbd6f73d 2014-07-01 ansond switches for rtos enablement
200:e5a480eedd29 2014-07-01 ansond updated ethernet config
199:3aa7eb27e36c 2014-06-30 ansond updates for latest ublox cellular enablement - NSP adjustments
198:14bebb998c61 2014-06-30 ansond added multitech temp probe support
197:d6dc5a911657 2014-05-13 ansond added nvic hard reset handler
196:3f62d0f94776 2014-04-11 ansond updates
195:6c794366d36b 2014-04-11 ansond updates
194:1df1822576b4 2014-04-07 ansond updates
193:8bff97978a8b 2014-04-07 ansond sunday
192:b83e5c99341b 2014-04-03 ansond updates
191:ba1074cf81b0 2014-04-03 ansond updates