HTTPClient test for IoT Workshop

Dependencies:   UbloxUSBModem mbed

Fork of UbloxModemHTTPClientTest by mbed official

Mon Feb 03 14:35:03 2014 +0000
update to make CDMA default

Who changed what in which revision?

UserRevisionLine numberNew contents of line
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 1 #include "UbloxUSBGSMModem.h"
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 2 #include "UbloxUSBCDMAModem.h"
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 3 #include "httptest.h"
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 4
sam_grove 6:8cf840145f92 5 #define MODEM_UBLOX_CDMA
sam_grove 6:8cf840145f92 6
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 7 #if !defined(MODEM_UBLOX_GSM) && !defined(MODEM_UBLOX_CDMA)
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 8 #warning No modem defined, using GSM by default
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 9 #define MODEM_UBLOX_GSM
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 10 #endif
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 11
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 12 #ifndef MODEM_APN
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 13 #warning APN not specified, using "internet"
bogdanm 2:90109b8848e5 14 #define MODEM_APN "internet"
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 15 #endif
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 16
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 17 #ifndef MODEM_USERNAME
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 18 #warning username not specified
bogdanm 2:90109b8848e5 19 #define MODEM_USERNAME NULL
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 20 #endif
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 21
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 22 #ifndef MODEM_PASSWORD
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 23 #warning password not specified
bogdanm 2:90109b8848e5 24 #define MODEM_PASSWORD NULL
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 25 #endif
bogdanm 1:0112fc45285a 26
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 27 int main()
bogdanm 2:90109b8848e5 28 {
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 29 #ifdef MODEM_UBLOX_GSM
bogdanm 2:90109b8848e5 30 UbloxUSBGSMModem modem;
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 31 #else
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 32 UbloxUSBCDMAModem modem(p18, true, 1);
sam_grove 6:8cf840145f92 33 printf("CDMA MODEM\n");
mbed_official 3:03b3ef627772 34 #endif
bogdanm 2:90109b8848e5 35 httptest(modem, MODEM_APN, MODEM_USERNAME, MODEM_PASSWORD);
bogdanm 2:90109b8848e5 36 while (true);
bogdanm 2:90109b8848e5 37 }
bogdanm 2:90109b8848e5 38