Red Hat Summit NanoService Demo for LPC1768 App Board using OMA Lightweight Objects

Dependencies:   Beep C12832_lcd EthernetInterface LM75B MMA7660 mbed-rtos mbed nsdl_lib

Fork of LWM2M_NanoService_Ethernet by MBED_DEMOS


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
32:7f3f1ef700e3 2014-04-29 sam_grove mbed emt node default tip
31:7ce5bef2d369 2014-04-29 sam_grove mbed station as sent to cable labs
30:cab9f0800471 2014-04-28 sam_grove Updates to mbed house as sent for the show
29:7512729587cf 2014-04-28 sam_grove firehouse starting point;
28:3c25f2f62cd3 2014-04-27 sam_grove Added LAFD-CERT location
27:d898b3a8c769 2014-04-27 sam_grove mbed-house
26:afcaeb039ef3 2014-04-23 zdshelby - Updated lifetime to 60 seconds for NATs
25:97ec363677ce 2014-04-23 zdshelby - Updated IP address to; - Changed update to 60 seconds to keep NAT holes open
24:f4d15f08d577 2014-04-17 sam_grove update revision
23:b011f6152cc1 2014-04-17 sam_grove revert IP address to
22:9e9236890542 2014-04-16 zdshelby - Updated to 1 hour registration lifetime
21:0fbe750933d9 2014-04-16 zdshelby - Changed IP address
20:84ee332ba360 2014-04-08 sstark Properly use the RGB_LED define to exclude the creation of the RGB resource, and encapsulate the RGB PwmOut object in an RBG class to avoid having the pins activated when they were initialized statically.
19:e5c0b6553c11 2014-04-06 sstark Conditionally enable the RGB resource based on the USE_RGBLED define
18:0872a05cae95 2014-04-05 sstark Update the firmware version to 18
17:40ce3d963495 2014-04-05 sstark Added RGB LED resource
16:12fe2f09fab5 2014-04-05 sstark log the full board uid to the debug console
15:db022645bcc1 2014-03-26 zdshelby - Small resource fix
14:5acd59fec679 2014-03-26 zdshelby - Fixed IP address resources
13:b52d83adc1ab 2014-03-26 zdshelby - Added new LWM2M static resources;
12:b695198175ee 2014-03-21 sstark print mac, ip, gateway and mask
11:3e9c8d80891e 2014-02-28 zdshelby - Updated title of project
10:05c7255d3543 2014-02-28 zdshelby - Default mbed NanoService demo site
9:66e8aeb60dc6 2014-02-28 zdshelby - Fixed temporary crashing problem
8:f0ecb62bda47 2014-02-04 zdshelby MWC2014 NanoService Demo Project for the LPC1768 on App Board
7:6b068978be9a 2013-10-22 bogdanm Endpoint names are no longer constrained to a fixed length. Also changed default prefix to "mbed-" instead of "mbed-demo-"
6:442775856f5f 2013-10-21 dan Change comment;
5:c257ee923598 2013-10-21 dan Changed location of NSDL library
4:15690450a797 2013-10-15 bogdanm Changed endpoint prefix
3:52c1b649eb04 2013-10-15 bogdanm Fixes buffer overflows, invalid server address and other issues.
2:7e489126fe7a 2013-10-15 bogdanm Code refactoring.
1:e35d7f10999a 2013-10-15 terohoo Bug fixed + minor modifications
0:2edbfea18d23 2013-10-09 terohoo Adding nsdl example app