Red Hat Summit NanoService Demo for LPC1768 App Board using OMA Lightweight Objects

Dependencies:   Beep C12832_lcd EthernetInterface LM75B MMA7660 mbed-rtos mbed nsdl_lib

Fork of LWM2M_NanoService_Ethernet by MBED_DEMOS

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00001 // Support functions for the NSDL library
00003 #ifndef NSDL_SUPPORT_H
00004 #define NSDL_SUPPORT_H
00006 #include "mbed.h"
00007 #include <stdint.h>
00008 #include "sn_nsdl.h"
00009 #include "sn_coap_header.h"
00010 #include "sn_coap_protocol.h"
00011 #include "sn_nsdl_lib.h"
00013 typedef uint8_t (*sn_grs_dyn_res_callback_t)(sn_coap_hdr_s *, sn_nsdl_addr_s *, sn_proto_info_s *);
00015 extern "C" void *nsdl_alloc(uint16_t size);
00016 extern "C" void nsdl_free(void* ptr_to_free);
00017 void nsdl_create_static_resource(sn_nsdl_resource_info_s *resource_structure, uint16_t pt_len, uint8_t *pt, uint16_t rpp_len, uint8_t *rpp_ptr, uint8_t *rsc, uint16_t rsc_len);
00018 void nsdl_create_dynamic_resource(sn_nsdl_resource_info_s *resource_structure, uint16_t pt_len, uint8_t *pt, uint16_t rpp_len, uint8_t *rpp_ptr, uint8_t is_observable, sn_grs_dyn_res_callback_t callback_ptr, int access_right);
00019 sn_nsdl_ep_parameters_s* nsdl_init_register_endpoint(sn_nsdl_ep_parameters_s *endpoint_structure, uint8_t* name, uint8_t* ypename_ptr, uint8_t *lifetime_ptr);
00020 void nsdl_clean_register_endpoint(sn_nsdl_ep_parameters_s **endpoint_structure);
00021 void nsdl_init();
00022 void nsdl_event_loop();
00024 #endif // NSDL_SUPPORT_H