Lancaster University's fork of the mbed BLE API. Lives on github,

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Fork of BLE_API by Bluetooth Low Energy

Wed Apr 06 18:40:40 2016 +0100
Synchronized with git rev bbc2dc58
Author: Joe Finney
microbit: Additional callback to indicate to applications when System
Attributes require initialisation from persistent storage.

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rgrover1 867:b099c28e8e28 1 # Hello!
vcoubard 1052:b55e1ad3e1b3 2 We are an open source project of [ARM mbed]( Contributions via [pull request](, and [bug reports]( are welcome!
rgrover1 867:b099c28e8e28 3
vcoubard 1053:ec4a5b9b254e 4 Please submit your pull request to the `develop` branch of [this module]( Commits to develop will be merge into the master branch at the time of the next release.
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rgrover1 867:b099c28e8e28 6 # Contributor agreement
vcoubard 1052:b55e1ad3e1b3 7 For your pull request to be accepted, we will need you to agree to our [contributor agreement]( to give us the necessary rights to use and distribute your contributions. (To click through the agreement create an account on and log in.)