Data send-receive by IIC-bus Hardware: IIC-board with 4 x PCF8574 IC you see a 8bit leds this leds show the value from an other 8574 who has 8 switches as input The 8xswitches from IIC you can see also at the pins PC_0 to PC_7

Dependencies:   mbed

Fork of Nucleo_IIC_2x8574in_out by Gerhard Neumaier

Gerhard Neumaier will show you : /media/uploads/schlaumaier54/funkturm.jpg

You can see my hardware: Nucleo F103RB with a IIC-bus application

In the background a printed board "IIC-Trainer" with different IIC ICs like PCF8574a, PCF8591, EEPROM; Real-time-clock In the foreground you see right a own-made printed circuit-board with 4x IC PCF8574


Eine Seite auf os_mbed ARM von Gerhard Neumaier Offenburg Feb 2018

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