The out-of-the-box demo application flashed on all display modules before they are shipped.

Dependencies:   DMBasicGUI DMSupport

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<title>AppImageViewer Class Reference</title>

AppImageViewer Class Reference

An App example. More...

#include <AppImageViewer.h>

Public Member Functions

void addResource (Resources id, Resource *res)
 Specifies the resource to use.

Detailed Description

An App example.

Searches for images on any connected media (USB Mass Storage, SD Card or QSPI File System) and presents the images one at a time, scaled to fit the display.

The purpose of this example is to show how to recursively search the file systems and how to load images. The image scaling could be replaced with rotating, cropping or any other image operation. The two second delay between images could be replaced with buttons or other touch events.

Definition at line 37 of file AppImageViewer.h.

Member Function Documentation

void addResource ( Resources  id,
Resource *  res 

Specifies the resource to use.

Adds a resource for a specific id. This allows the user program to select e.g. which image to use and if it should be loaded from a file or an array.

idthe identifier
resthe resource

Definition at line 268 of file AppImageViewer.cpp.