Demo for Embedded World 2015.

Dependencies:   DMBasicGUI DMSupport

Demo running on several LPC4088 Display Modules on the Embedded World 2015 exhibition.


To run the demo first drag-n-drop the to_sync.fs3 file to the MBED drive and then drag-n-drop the demo itself. This way both the file system and software are up to date.

This is what the launcher will look like:

/media/uploads/embeddedartists/ew2015_cap_000.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/ew2015_cap_002.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/ew2015_cap_003.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/ew2015_cap_004.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/ew2015_cap_005.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/ew2015_cap_006.png

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