Example using the support package for LPC4088 DisplayModule

Dependencies:   DMBasicGUI DMSupport

Example using a lot of the features in the software package for the LPC4088 Display Module.

This project can be selected as a template when creating a new project based on the LPC4088 Display Module.


This project works on the 4.3" display modules.

Some of the apps works on the 5" display modules. The ImageViewer and Slideshow app will show the images distorted as it does not take the resolution into consideration.


The USB Status app is disabled. The Image viewer looks for images in the root of SD cards, USB memory sticks or the file system on the QSPI flash. The Slideshow app expects to find a slideshow script in /mci/elec14/ea_logo.txt.

This is what it looks like on the 4.3" display:

/media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_000.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_001.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_003.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_004.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_006.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_008.png


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
30:e1cded731965 14 months ago embeddedartists More updates related to mbed OS 5 default tip
29:be8b784873f5 2015-04-28 alindvall Updated to latest version of the DMSupport library
28:be5b06633d98 2015-04-15 embeddedartists - Graphical improvements in the AppImageViewer
27:4fe24decabf9 2015-03-20 alindvall - Updated DMSupport and DMBasicGUI libraries; - Moved image data for the OK/Cancel/Repeat buttons from the old DMBasicGUI into local image_data.* files; - Cleanup of dm_board_config.h; - Fixed warnings
26:f07df116f3c9 2015-03-09 embeddedartists - Added USBDevice examples
25:8bef7b849338 2015-02-19 alindvall Updated to use libraries from the Embedded Artists team page
24:768f5958c308 2015-02-17 embeddedartists - Modified AppRTCSettings to use current time when initializing
23:3f8bc89e0b23 2015-01-26 embeddedartists Removed dead code in main. Included SDRAM fix in new version of DMSupport lib
22:7e59255933b5 2015-01-26 embeddedartists - Added virtual destructors to avoid undefined behaviour
21:14e1aa66ba41 2015-01-24 embeddedartists Updated DMSupport
20:45ae832249d0 2015-01-23 embeddedartists - Modified the AppStatus to display the MAC address even if the Ethernet interface isn't loaded
19:15f0388f6c36 2015-01-22 embeddedartists Updated DMSupport library to use interrupt drive I2C for the BIOS
18:715f542538b3 2015-01-20 embeddedartists - Added AppRTCSettings to allow user to configure the RTC
17:7f03a04cf6ff 2015-01-17 embeddedartists Updated libraries
16:77f4f42eb6a7 2015-01-17 embeddedartists - Updated apps to listen for the touch signal sent from AppLauncher
15:1d19ca3f2b79 2015-01-13 embeddedartists Updated libraries
14:73f6c425b2b5 2015-01-12 embeddedartists - Added test of the new Registry class
13:57e65aba9802 2015-01-08 embeddedartists - Moved AppImageViewer and AppStatus here from DMBasicGUI
12:c8ea0a693a65 2015-01-07 embeddedartists Updated DMSupport library version
11:4830c7689843 2015-01-07 embeddedartists Changed configuration flag name and added startup beep
10:7efefb120bf2 2015-01-02 embeddedartists Modified the default config flags
9:de09a7a0e118 2015-01-02 embeddedartists Updated used libraries
8:e38f8e13194b 2014-12-21 embeddedartists Updated libraries
7:c8bef6a4b019 2014-12-21 embeddedartists - Moved AppLauncher initialization to main.cpp
6:8007691f78dc 2014-12-19 embeddedartists Cleanup
5:0934947a8db8 2014-12-19 embeddedartists Updated used libraries
4:37a60b9bdb99 2014-12-19 embeddedartists Updated with BIOS support
3:4301d34173cf 2014-12-11 embeddedartists Moved HttpServer and mbed-rpc into the DMSupport library. Moved the application and lpc_swim stuff into DMBasicGUI
2:070e9c054796 2014-12-08 embeddedartists Added first version of the Application framwork. Added lpc_swim library. Updated libraries.
1:15ea03d72dd7 2014-12-03 embeddedartists Corrected SPIFI to run at 60MHz. Added support for USB Host Keyboard+Mouse+Hub.
0:dfad71908d59 2014-12-02 embeddedartists First version