A board support package for the LPC4088 Display Module.

Dependencies:   DM_HttpServer DM_USBHost

Dependents:   lpc4088_displaymodule_emwin lpc4088_displaymodule_demo_sphere sampleGUI sampleEmptyGUI ... more

Fork of DMSupport by EmbeddedArtists AB


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
42:bbfe299d4a0c 16 months ago embeddedartists More updates related to mbed OS 5 default tip
41:e06e764ff4fd 16 months ago embeddedartists Updates related to mbed OS 5
40:6df4f63aa406 2015-06-10 alindvall Updated USBDevice, mbed-src and mbed-rtos libraries to latest version. Fixed compiler errors related to us_ticker_read() that was introduced in latest mbed-src version.
39:e1cb4dd9bfeb 2015-04-28 alindvall Added display frame rate setting. Updated used libraries.
38:420cdc281467 2015-04-15 embeddedartists - Added a new class GPDMA to allow multiple users of DMA
37:07659b5d90ce 2015-03-23 alindvall - Added file system getters for MCI and QSPI file systems to the DMBoard class. This gives access to the cardInserted(), isformatted() and format() functions.; - Removed unused parameter in SPIFI class; - Fixed caching issue in Registry class
36:92193dc72995 2015-03-20 alindvall Modified DMBoard interface to always have the touchPanel() and display() functions even if the touch/display has been disabled in dm_board_config.h to allow e.g. AppTouchCalibration to compile (even if it will never be used it must still compile)
35:d45a38606a7f 2015-03-20 alindvall Corrected the template for dm_board_config.h.
34:fc366bab393f 2015-03-09 embeddedartists - Added size guards in InternalEEPROM
33:8a0a99d54bf8 2015-02-19 embeddedartists - Added special treatement of touch controller for multitouch
32:fa8d2c7da38d 2015-02-19 alindvall Updated to use libraries from the Embedded Artists team page
31:d47cffcb0a3e 2015-02-17 embeddedartists - Added function get current BIOS version
30:a97015441bb4 2015-01-26 embeddedartists - Fixed bug that set the P4_24 pin to wrong function
29:b1ec19000e15 2015-01-26 embeddedartists - Fixed compiler warnings
28:8ae20cb0b943 2015-01-23 embeddedartists - BIOS API up to 0.2.0
27:0499c29688cc 2015-01-23 embeddedartists - Temporarily added the mbed_mac_address call to the BiosLoader
26:a65fbb4bde5c 2015-01-22 embeddedartists - Changed BIOS version info to BOARD_ID.MAJ.MIN.REV
25:ca399b043d30 2015-01-20 embeddedartists Updated DM_USBHost to get connect/disconnect notifications
24:9a677afc86f1 2015-01-17 embeddedartists - Added string parameter to the BIOS debug function to be able to print information about which BIOS_BOARD is selected
23:6afd6a716e80 2015-01-16 embeddedartists - Cleanup
22:1a58a518435c 2015-01-16 embeddedartists - Updated SPIFI code to allow BIOS to id chips not yet supported by DMSupport
21:1e6bc4aca5b7 2015-01-12 embeddedartists - Added the DM_BOARD_USE_REGISTRY flag, default enabled
20:9df19da50290 2015-01-12 embeddedartists - Added first version of a simple Registry
19:2efb6f5f69a4 2015-01-09 embeddedartists Added support for the new Macronix_MX25L12835F QSPI flash
18:e5eb986b2a83 2015-01-07 embeddedartists Removed flag that disabled writing to the internal EEPROM
17:4ea2509445ac 2015-01-07 embeddedartists Moved BIOS from internal to external EEPROM
16:80f1723b15e2 2015-01-02 embeddedartists Modified default flag setup
15:ea906527c0b3 2015-01-02 embeddedartists - Added support for debugging of the BIOS
14:c21497031b1f 2014-12-19 embeddedartists - Fixed bug in QSPI file system where an unformatted QSPI file system could still open folders
13:2c60e28503f8 2014-12-19 embeddedartists Fixed configuration issue when compiling without a display.
12:27f4b03607b0 2014-12-19 embeddedartists Updated mbed-src, mbed-rtos and EthernetInterface to latest versions
11:dedcebcfc869 2014-12-19 embeddedartists - Added support for executing code in SDRAM.
10:1ac4b213f0f7 2014-12-19 embeddedartists - Added support for executing code in SDRAM.
9:a33326afd686 2014-12-11 embeddedartists Updated documentation
8:e60eb67dfc08 2014-12-11 embeddedartists Renamed HttpServer to DM_HttpServer to indicate that it has been modified for the LPC4088 Display Module
7:d7215b4c53a4 2014-12-11 embeddedartists Updated used libraries, added HttpServer and mbed-rpc.
6:34a204ee7156 2014-12-11 embeddedartists Updated used libraries and removed the unused and untested Xbee implementation. It will come back in a different form later
5:c77fdb6e3438 2014-12-10 embeddedartists Minor changes in DMBoard
4:6fdcdf7aff8d 2014-12-08 embeddedartists Changed touch interface to report last point. Added GPIO-time-measuring support. Fixed USB Host MSD bug that caused HTTPServer to crash
3:2fa7755f2cef 2014-12-03 embeddedartists Corrected the SPIFI initialization so that it can run at max speed (i.e. 60MHz). Updated used libraries including the Keyboard, Mouse and Hub changes for USB Host.
2:887c6b45e7fa 2014-12-02 embeddedartists Added RTOS-safe logger (RtosLog). Switched USBHost library so that it works in an RTOS setting. Modified the FAT file system to work in an RTOS setting.
1:2846fb4d6435 2014-11-21 embeddedartists New versions of used libraries after publishing them.
0:6b68dac0d986 2014-11-21 embeddedartists First version