A basic graphics package for the LPC4088 Display Module.

Dependents:   lpc4088_displaymodule_demo_sphere sampleGUI sampleEmptyGUI lpc4088_displaymodule_fs_aid ... more

Fork of DMBasicGUI by EmbeddedArtists AB


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
22:f0d00f29bfeb 2019-11-04 embeddedartists More updates related to mbed OS 5 default tip
21:0038059e3a8f 2019-10-23 embeddedartists Updates related to mbed OS 5
20:1a7c743600e6 2015-03-23 embeddedartists Merge
19:f3d0189401e4 2015-03-23 embeddedartists - Made all font tables "const" as they are never modified. This will free up a
18:d41537a70189 2015-03-20 alindvall Stupid commit just to get mbed to generate documentation
17:6e2abf107800 2015-03-20 embeddedartists - Added a Resource concept to allow runtime selection of image source. The
16:feb669462368 2015-03-09 alindvall Whitespace change just to force an update of the mbed.org documentation
15:a68bb30ab95e 2015-03-09 embeddedartists - More documentation fixes
14:647b1896ed84 2015-03-09 embeddedartists Updated code documentation
13:bff2288c2c61 2015-03-09 embeddedartists Added documentation of the SlideShow related classes
12:53601973f7eb 2015-02-19 embeddedartists - Corrected button pin name (wrong after switching to LPC4088_DM as target
11:265884fa7fdd 2015-02-17 embeddedartists - Replaced wait_ms with Thread::wait in SlideShow
10:651861441108 2015-01-26 embeddedartists - Added virtual destructors to avoid undefined behaviour
9:ce69a7adfe9c 2015-01-20 embeddedartists - Added support in DigitButton and ImageButton to pass a pre-loaded image
8:19a6b70d42b1 2015-01-17 embeddedartists - Updated apps to wait for signal before reading touch event. This eliminates polling and waits
7:4ba7bd9d32ef 2015-01-08 embeddedartists - Added pressed() and bounds() functions to Clickable
6:7917b0894655 2015-01-08 embeddedartists - Fixed bug in Image class
5:f4de114c31c3 2014-12-21 embeddedartists - Added support for RAW images
4:a73760d09423 2014-12-19 embeddedartists - Fixed bug in AppTouchCalibration (return values not correctly handled)
3:3fabfe3339b8 2014-12-19 embeddedartists - Fixed bug in Clickable
2:efae611de184 2014-12-19 embeddedartists Added ImageButton and Clickable
1:46c8df4608c8 2014-12-11 embeddedartists Updated documentation
0:4977187e90c7 2014-12-11 embeddedartists First version