Wireless interface using LoRa technology

Dependencies:   AlohaTransceiver RingBuffer SX1276Lib_inAir SerialInterfaceProtocol mbed L3PDU


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
33:0292f78e3f07 2016-09-14 rba90 update submodule default tip
32:94810cf591c0 2016-09-14 rba90 update submodule
31:9cd445f2ac75 2016-09-14 rba90 update submodule
30:7b9994fe26cf 2016-09-06 rba90 debug text for sequence id
29:2943c51a72e0 2016-09-04 rba90 update submodule
28:0cd70a02d3f6 2016-09-03 rba90 update submodule
27:9196cb5859f7 2016-09-03 rba90 update submodule
26:1791f6de03ca 2016-09-03 rba90 update submodule
25:2fff6d1b4eb6 2016-09-02 rba90 update according to submodule
24:e41b5098ed0a 2016-09-02 rba90 add door sensor interrupt handler
23:f3ae7ff4d3ae 2016-09-02 rba90 update submodule
22:fea9289f31b3 2016-09-02 rba90 update submodule
21:32d964e20a31 2016-09-01 rba90 update
20:ff70a415660a 2016-08-31 rba90 treat query for service quality as normal query
19:535d8071a738 2016-08-24 rba90 update submodule
18:ce8dc94163d8 2016-08-24 rba90 update submodules
17:7093a533b4ae 2016-08-24 rba90 fix a bug where wrong packet was generated
16:dcc5f9075595 2016-08-23 rba90 add function that report rssi and snr when transmit
15:cfc7d817e444 2016-08-12 rba90 remove debug string
14:80cee3991860 2016-08-11 rba90 integration test
13:45530a6918b1 2016-08-10 rba90 Add L3PDU to project
12:80c0d9d3063a 2016-07-29 Razorfoot change SF from 7 to 12 for test
11:c7c0036efdbd 2016-07-29 rba90 update radio settings on the fly
10:7dcb951ecabd 2016-07-27 Razorfoot add string-queueing function
9:86d95e095bb0 2016-07-27 rba90 Add device id to AlohaTransceiver
8:e30610bf6f79 2016-07-27 Razorfoot Add on-the-fly config options
7:c9f24eb7421d 2016-07-27 rba90 Update as library is updated
6:ed7aa2e42c7f 2016-07-23 rba90 update ringbuffer library
5:6cedf9b5059c 2016-07-23 rba90 Fix building error
4:9151697dfa70 2016-07-17 rba90 add comments for function
3:7bb50ee42cba 2016-07-17 rba90 configure radio on the fly (unfinished)
2:5a74ae8be594 2016-07-15 rba90 A lot of changes in terms of initial range test
1:101cf4fca4e5 2016-07-14 rba90 Send hardcoded message on request
0:7d8e24cb62c1 2016-07-14 rba90 prepared for range test