Mouse code for the MacroRat

Dependencies:   ITG3200 QEI


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
46:b156ef445742 2017-06-03 sahilmgandhi Final code for internal battlebot competition. default tip
45:8b0bee6baf38 2017-06-02 sahilmgandhi Final CAMM AAMC Working Code
44:85bf2c0cd518 2017-06-02 christine222 rngesus
43:f22168a05c3e 2017-05-28 kyleliangus Changed some values around
42:75257e6c4c76 2017-05-28 kyleliangus Deaccel on encoder move forward
41:56a34315dd75 2017-05-28 sahilmgandhi fixed floodfill
40:465d2b565977 2017-05-28 sahilmgandhi RIP Harambe
39:058fb32c24e0 2017-05-28 vanshg calibration n shit
38:fe05f93009a2 2017-05-27 sahilmgandhi Playing around with constants
37:3dcc95e9321c 2017-05-27 sahilmgandhi Need to get centered more before turns (so after moving forward). Also fix when both walls are missing!
36:9c4cc9944b69 2017-05-27 kyleliangus Fixed Right turn, left turn inconsistent
35:a5bd9ef82210 2017-05-27 kyleliangus 4th Dip switch down to move
34:69342782fb68 2017-05-26 sahilmgandhi Added small reverse turns before the break so that we can stop faster.
33:68ce1f74ab5f 2017-05-26 sahilmgandhi PID working with the new IRs now ... need to tune it a bit though.
32:69acb14778ea 2017-05-26 kyleliangus PID values still wonky. IR PID vs Encoder PID also wonky
31:9b71b44e0867 2017-05-24 sahilmgandhi newly modified floodfill, need to get PID with new values now!
30:11f4316a5ba7 2017-05-24 sahilmgandhi flipped the IRs;
29:ec2c5a69acd6 2017-05-24 sahilmgandhi Need to change ir2-ir3 to now be ir1 - ir4
28:8126a4d620e8 2017-05-21 sahilmgandhi Final commit before CAMM ... it is not looking so good with floodfill and detecting empty spots in the maze
27:02ce1040f331 2017-05-21 sahilmgandhi Modifying floodfill
26:d20f1adac2d3 2017-05-21 sahilmgandhi Added floodfill to the code ... need to tune it now to get the wall array properly fixed!;
25:f827a8b7880e 2017-05-21 christine222 180 in the beginning
24:e7063765d6f0 2017-05-21 christine222 front face start
23:690b0ca34ee9 2017-05-20 christine222 ncellencoderirwall function working for all walls (both, 1 side, no sides) need to tune detecting the sides though, there's a very precise threshold that we need to find
22:681190ff98f0 2017-05-19 christine222 updated nCellEncoderandIR function
21:9a6cb07bdcb6 2017-05-18 christine222 better PID constants for forwardWallIR and added no wall encoder pid moveForwardEncoder() function that is used in forwardWallIR()
20:82836745332e 2017-05-17 sahilmgandhi added some init code to keep track of walls as moving. Turning works now (avg/4 gives good values so long as we are in the center)!; Also maybe we should start off facing back, and then turn 180 to get better average readings?
19:7b66a518b6f8 2017-05-15 sahilmgandhi Got the PID to work on both encoder and IR at the same time ... BUT i still cannot get it to recognize it to turn the right direction.
18:6a4db94011d3 2017-05-14 sahilmgandhi Publishing again
17:f713758f6238 2017-05-14 sahilmgandhi Added mbed-dev and still working on dynamically deciding to turn;
16:d9252437bd92 2017-05-14 sahilmgandhi Moves forward exactly one cell now!;
15:b80555a4a8b9 2017-05-14 kyleliangus Created PID for encoder based on difference of speed rotations.
14:9e7bb03ddccb 2017-05-13 sahilmgandhi Turns work, but one cell count with encoder does not
13:2032db00f168 2017-05-13 christine222 turning sort of works
12:5790e56a056f 2017-05-12 kyleliangus Right Turn is wrong, need fix
11:8fc2b703086b 2017-05-07 vanshg Counting cells somewhat properly now
10:810d1849da9d 2017-05-06 vanshg Added interrupts for dip switch.; Added stm324xxx.h header; Began configuration for Tim2 and Tim5
9:1d8e4da058cd 2017-05-06 kyleliangus IR PID is now implemented
8:a0760acdc59e 2017-05-05 kyleliangus Created Motor class
7:6f5cb6377bd4 2017-05-05 sahilmgandhi Added some stuff for motor + encoders
6:3d68fedd6fd9 2017-05-04 kyleliangus Fixed stuff
5:7e1e4cc19044 2017-04-28 kyleliangus Fixed IR Class
4:b5b7836ca2b0 2017-04-28 kyleliangus Added Modularity, Motors
3:880f15be8c72 2017-04-28 christine222 added some gyro stuff
2:771db996cee0 2017-04-27 sahilmgandhi changed the library
1:8a4b2f573923 2017-04-26 sahilmgandhi Some working code;
0:a03c771ab78e 2017-04-25 sahilmgandhi init MacroRat